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Young Royals season 2 review – Simon and Wilhelm’s love story continues

November 2, 2022

The Young Royals Season 2 Review – Simon and Wilhelm’s Continuing Love Story appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We’re reviewing Season 2 of Netflix’s Young Royals – this article is spoiler-free, so you can read it without risk of a major reveal!

Young Royals season 1 stormed the teenage community. A royal LGBTQ+ love story mixed with plenty of outrageous drama and tinges of revenge. Whereas Hulu had Love, Victor, netflix had a different offer. One who was an underdog; Young Royals was released on the platform with little promotion, but word of mouth took hold of the online community. It was a sure thing that we got a season 2. Team Wilhelm and Simon held our minds hostage – will they or won’t they make it?

But the end of season 1 left this bubbling and complicated love story at a crossroads. After August unnecessarily leaked a sex video of Crown Prince William and Simon in bed together, all hope seemed lost. Being part of a royal family means rules. This series is overlaid with retrograde traditions that maintain Wilhelm’s identity and leave him wanting more but receiving little. If you look past the dopamine-hitting teenage subplots, it’s a sad love story. Simon and Wilhelm are very much in love, but it is difficult for them to meet.

And so, Season 2 offers another battleground for teens struggling for love and acceptance. We have Sarah adjusting to campus life while coping with her August thirst; we have Wilhelm brooding over Simon, who seems to be exploring elsewhere, and we have August regretting his actions with the leaked sex video and wanting forgiveness from Wilhelm, who seems bent on revenge. Much hinges on the main plot points of the story, and the Netflix series doesn’t waste its time delving into lesser subplots that audiences won’t talk about much.

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Young Royals season 2 continues to live up to the hype with a new Swedish LGTBQ+ drama that shapes a plot around romance and revenge. The series loves drama but keeps the tensions bubbling rather than boiling over. Too many teen dramas fall into the trap of providing a vicious circle of events without developing the characters and providing much-needed context.

Young Royals do not fall into this trap; he likes to slowly build his characters. A great example is Sara, a student who apparently has few problems but finds herself in social dilemmas in season 2. There was a clear plan for this character. The creators of the series decided not to squeeze its unnecessary plotlines and gave the audience a reason to care.

Of course, the main story is the relationship between Wilhelm and Simon, with August on the sidelines involved in a revenge plot against him. It makes for sensational viewing, but there are plenty of surprises in Season 2 that will shock audiences. There is creativity in the story to complicate this love story, but in a reasonable but structured way, making things possible for a Young Royals season 3.

I feel like Young Royals Season 2 is better than its predecessor. Netflix has a gem on its hands, so let’s hope the writing holds up, audiences keep coming, and the ratings hold up – this is an overlooked series that could turn into a drama for basic teenagers like Elite.

What did you think of Young Royals Season 2 on Netflix? Comments below.

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The Young Royals Season 2 Review – Simon and Wilhelm’s Continuing Love Story appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.