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Young Royals season 2, episode 3 recap – why is the Queen talking to August?

November 1, 2022

The Young Royals season 2 episode 3 recap – why is the Queen talking to August? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap Netflix’s Young Royals Season 2 Episode 3, which will contain spoilers and detail the ending.

There are many twists in young royal season 2 so far. Episode 2 seen Guillaume dealing with a love triangle, which only intensifies in this episode, as August is worried about what will happen after losing the position of prefect among the seniors. It seems Wilhelm’s revenge plan is working, but what about his personal life? There’s so much to explore at this point in Season 2.

Young Royals season 2, episode 3 recap

Season 2, Episode 3 opens with Wilhelm doing a meditation session; he tries to control his emotions with recent events. Meanwhile, a lawyer talks to August about the consequences of releasing Wilhelm’s sex tape and Simon, which could lead to prosecution. Things are going from bad to worse for the month of August. He’s worried about his encounter with the queen, and that’s understandable.

Simon is unsure of his feelings for Mark; he loves him but doesn’t know why he can’t fall in love with him. His friends think Wilhelm is bad for him. He is confused. Meanwhile, Wilhelm talks to Felix about Simon and Marcus; it weighs on his mind. He then talks to his therapist about the pressure he is under and the loneliness it brings; it seems Erik was his lifeline to lead a normal life, and now it’s gone.

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Wilhelm finally confronts Simon about Marcus; Simon admits he’s been hanging out with Marcus – Wilhelm wanted the honesty. Simon reassures Wilhelm that he and Marcus are not together. It’s painful to watch these two in Season 2 Episode 3 – they clearly want to be together.

The new Prefect, Vincent, is struggling to lead, which August warned everyone about. He is annoyed with Vincent for betraying him and has reduced his social activities as a result.

Simon talks to Marcus and tells him he’s not ready for romance and he doesn’t know if he ever will because of the drama surrounding it. Marcus fully understands, brings up that he knows about the sex video and insists he would never hurt her.

With much confusion surrounding August and Sara, they finally talk to each other. August tells him that the queen wants to talk to him about the video, and he worries about it. He is afraid of losing everything. Sara touches August lightly and their intimacy grows, leading to the couple hooking up and having sex. During sex, Sara reassures August that he is not a bad person and tries to keep the intimacy as emotionally connected as possible between them. Her feelings have grown, but is August serious about her?

The rowing team has a fierce rowing competition with another team, watched by a crowd of students. They lose. It looks like Simon got distracted by Marcus, who was watching. Afterwards, Marcus kisses Simon and Wilhelm sees. The team blames the loss on Simon for slowing down.

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Young Royals season 2, episode 3 ending – why is the Queen talking to August?

At the end of Season 2 Episode 3, August finally meets the Queen for a chat.. August apologizes immediately. The queen rejects his apology and tells him that what he did was harmful. But then the Queen reveals why she really wanted to talk to August. She explains how Wilhelm’s behavior has worried the Royal Court and tells August that if Wilhelm can’t handle the pressure of being in line for the throne, then August will be the backup plan.

The queen wants to plan August’s future in case Wilhelm cannot take the throne. She gives August a copy of the Jubilee speech in case Wilhelm cannot perform it.

Meanwhile, Wilhelm hangs out with Felice, and they suddenly become close and intimate. The caress of the other’s hair leads to the kiss. Wilhelm is in a confusing place, and that will only compound the problems he faces. As things heat up, someone else enters the room, which breaks things up.

Season 2 Episode 3 only complicates things further, but it’s fine for the audience. This series shows no signs of slowing down at this time.

Additional plot points of episode 3

  • Sara becomes worried about who they are selling their horse to and shares her concerns with Felice; she wants the horse to have a good home.
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The Young Royals season 2 episode 3 recap – why is the Queen talking to August? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.