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Woman of the Dead Season 1 Review – A Hidden Revenge Thriller on Netflix

January 7, 2023

The post Woman of the Dead Season 1 Review – a hidden gem revenge thriller on Netflix appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We review Netflix series Woman of the Dead season 1, which contains no major spoilers.

netflix are regularly criticized for its release schedule – the odd speed of some titles and the zero justifications given as to why. Here we have a hidden gem titled Woman of the Dead, which should have gotten a lot more promotion than it did. Netflix decided to rely on word of mouth.

Woman of the Dead Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

At its heart, Woman of the Dead is an ambitious revenge thriller. The series introduces us Blum (Anna Maria Muhe), a woman who works in a morgue. It’s been suggested that working with the dead desensitizes you to the idea of ​​a corpse, and that certainly rings true in this tantalizing story.

Tragedy strikes Blum’s life when her husband, Mark, is hit head-on by a car while riding his motorcycle to work. It’s a shocking scene that happens at the start of Episode 1. Blum sees her husband being wiped out in an instant, and she’s widowed within hours.

What appears to be a widow’s story turns into a journey of revenge when Blum suspects her husband’s hit-and-run was no accident. The main character goes down a rabbit hole, a city plot that her husband had become suspicious of.

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From there, Blum seeks to bring down the person who killed her husband and anyone else involved.

Woman of the Dead may look like a generic thriller, but it feels fresh and original. It’s hard to understand Blum, who delves into his morgue work and talks to people about the dead. She has a horizontal outlook on life and her emotions seem neutral most of the time. He’s a fascinating character, which makes the story easy to understand. His worldview is soberly “black and white,” which makes his violent ways of uncovering the truth feel serious and well-rewarded in the writing.

Watching Blum’s character grow over six episodes is a true case study in how life experience and perspective can shape a person. The threat to Blum feels like a plot, but it’s Blum’s experience that becomes the cornerstone of the plot. Without her, this could easily have been an outdated attempt at a revenge thriller.

Is Woman of the Dead season 1 on Netflix any good?

This series is definitely worth watching. It’s a hidden gem on Netflix. More people should talk about it. As far as international series goes, it’s a good start for 2023.

What do you think of the Netflix series Woman of the Dead Season 1? Comments below.

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The post Woman of the Dead Season 1 Review – a hidden gem revenge thriller on Netflix appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.