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Will there be a sequel to Wendell & Wild?

October 30, 2022

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We discuss whether there will be a Wendell and Wild 2, a sequel to the Netflix movie Wendell and Wild, and will contain spoilers.

Wendell and savage is led by Henry Selick and co-authored by Jordan Pele. The theme of mourning carries this emotional weight and is powerfully explored through the stop motion animation. However, the direction of the story is a bit messy. The film’s pacing felt rushed because the character introductions were cut short and unexplained. At times, the story with Kat is put on the back burner due to the other storylines being explored.

There is a connection with the underworld for Wendell and savage it is also a weak link in Kat as they use it to lead them back to the Land of the Living. Everything is possible through animation, so her theoretical demons manifest into physical beings she can see. Unfortunately, Kat blames herself for her parents’ death and carries it with her. She goes to a new boarding school and discovers that she has different powers that bind her to the underworld.

It has strong themes of grief and guilt that come through in the superb animation. Kat’s feelings show up in Wendell and Wild, but they’re never fully explored. It’s almost as if his storyline was cut short due to situations at school, in the underworld, and in corporate affairs. We only know the character through her trauma and not as a young girl trying to process it fully.

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There could have been strong emotional moments for her, but the weight of her grief is thrown off by her anger. She cares but it’s poorly executed throughout the film. It’s as if the story wasn’t there to serve the main character and his monsters. They wanted to show how monsters manifest in other ways through his grief, and that’s why it didn’t pan out the way it should have.

Potential release date for Wendell & Wild’s sequel

There is no potential release date for Wendell and savage 2 because Henry Selick and Jordan Peele worked on this movie for a while. The stop motion animation takes time to work on, and there were no discussions with netflix from now on.

Wendell and savage sequel cast – who could be in it?

  • Jordan Pele
  • Key Keegan-Michael
  • Lyric Ross
  • Angela Bassette
  • Smart Tamara
  • Ramona Young
  • James Hong

Wendell and savage Sequel Plot: What Could Wendell & Wild Be About?

Following Wendell and savage could potentially be about Kat moving on from the death of her parents and treating her relationship with them as something positive. Her connection to the underworld could still be creepy, but also connects her to Wendell and Wild in a fun way. The sequel will show that she calls on the spirit world as a natural thing that happens and that she can talk to her parents whenever she wants. She could be brought to the underworld as a “girl from hell” and work with Wendell and Wild.

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The post Will there be a sequel to Wendell & Wild? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.