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Will there be a sequel to The Stranger?

October 20, 2022

This article explains if there will be a The Stranger 2, a sequel to the Netflix movie The Stranger (2022), and will contain spoilers.

In Thomas M. Wright’last push, the stranger, Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris play as two strangers who strike up a conversation during a long journey. One, a suspect in an unsolved missing person case; the other, an undercover agent during his trial. The film is based on the true story of one of Australia’s biggest undercover investigations and operations. The film, which had its world premiere at Cannes film festival earlier this year, and had a minor theatrical release in Australia, is now streaming on Netflix. So far it holds a 95% critic rating on rotten tomatoesbased on the 19 opinions submitted.

the stranger sequel potential release date

It’s almost guaranteed there won’t be a sequel. the stranger. Since it is loosely based on real events, and the film is quite conclusive, there is not much room for a sequel. We’re here for fun though, so let’s speculate what a potential sequel might look like, and we’ll assume it’ll be an original story, not even slightly based on what happened to these characters in real life. Since their names have been changed, there is some room for adaptation here.

If Netflix decided to go this route and continue to explore another story with Mark and Henry, they should need at least a year to write a script and start pre-production. Adding another six to eight weeks of filming and four to five months of post-production, we are probably talking about a summer 2024 release at least. They could theoretically force their hand and present it at the Cannes Film Festival in 2024 or wait for fall festivals like Toronto or Telluride.

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the stranger sequel cast – who could be in it?

Really, given the pitch I’m going to present in a moment, the only two characters needed to return are Joel Edgerton’s Mark and Sean Harris’ Henry.

the stranger sequel plot: what could The stranger 2 wear on?

With Henry now in jail, a lot of ideas come to mind inspired by the crime thriller series. More recently, Black bird did a great job with the classic “inmate helps authorities find another inmate’s confession to get a reduced sentence” storyline, and of course we can’t miss David Fincher’s spirit hunterwhich depicts the beginnings of the FBI’s profiling unit, with two agents frequently visiting prisons around the country to get a glimpse into how the mind of a serial murderer works.

If I had to present a film to netflixI would personally ask Mark to go ask Henry for help, building on the relationship they developed in the stranger, so they can find another pedophile who may or may not have killed a child. To make it more interesting, and a mix between the Black bird and spirit hunter approaches, maybe someone inside Henry’s prison knows something about the case, or knows someone connected to it. On the cinema side, Thesilenceofthelambs is another obvious inspiration not to miss, even if Henry is far from becoming Hannibal Lecter.

It’s just a logline for now that could use more development, but it’s a good place to start, especially considering the relationship these two characters have already built in the first film, making the sequel all the more interesting for that – we don’t have to spend time developing either character separately or their dynamics together. You can jump straight into the plot.

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