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Will there be a sequel to The Pale Blue Eye?

January 7, 2023

The post Will there be a sequel to The Pale Blue Eye? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We are discussing if there will be a The Pale Blue Eye 2, a sequel to the Netflix film The Pale Blue Eye, and will contain spoilers.

by Scott Cooper the latest movie is now streaming on netflix. Adapted from Novel by Louis Bayard from 2006 of the same name, it features Christian Bale as Detective Augustus Landor. After being called in by senior military officials to investigate the recent murder of a military academy cadet, he crosses paths with another young cadet named Edgar Allan Poe, played by Harry Melling.

Poe plays Dr. Watson to Landor’s Sherlock Holmes, helping him solve the case and serving as Bale’s excuse to put on a public exhibit, where he explains his latest findings. Poe is later targeted by the Marquis family, who attempt to rip out his heart and offer it to the devil as part of a satanic ritual trying to save Lea Marquis from her impending death due to her continuous tantrums.

In a shocking twist, the film’s final act reveals that the Marquis family did not kill either of the two cadets and instead desecrated their bodies. It was actually Augustus Landor himself who killed two of the three men behind the rape of his own daughter who ultimately drove her to commit suicide. Poe finds out but doesn’t report it, leaving the door open for another story – especially since the third cadet is on the run.

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The potential release date of the Pale Blue Eye sequel

There is no sequel in development to our knowledge. If, over the next few weeks, Netflix finds the movie did pretty well on the service and thinks it’s worth exploring more stories from Augustus Landor and Edgar Allan Poe, they might order a new screenplay to be written in the coming months, aiming to start production this winter, for a possible release in late 2024.

It also depends on where and when they want to film it. If they want to put it in the winter, like pale blue eye was, they could shoot in a year. However, if they wanted to put it in summer, for example, they would have to wait until next year, pushing the release to 2025. It also depends on the casting schedule. Christian Bale doesn’t have many projects on the way, according to IMDb, nor does Harry Melling or Scott Cooper, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be signing other projects over the next few months.

pale blue eye sequel cast – who could be in it?

For now, the only two people expected to be back are Christian Bale and Harry Melling. Scott Cooper’s return as writer and director would also be nice, as would Charlotte Gainsbourg’s return as tavern owner Patsy or even Hadley Robinson to play Landor’s daughter, Mattie, in flashbacks. If the movie will also bring back younger Stoddard, they might bring back Joey Brooks, who played him in pale blue eyeeven though the role was pretty minor, and no one would blink if they recast the role.

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pale blue eye sequel plot – what could The Pale Blue Eye 2 be about?

The door to another story was left wide open when pale blue eye let Cadet Stoddard escape and not be pursued. Bale said in the film that he wouldn’t go after him, forcing him to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life. The original book doesn’t have a direct sequel, but it’s easy to see where it could go.

We could skip ahead a few years and reunite with Christian Bale’s Augustus Landor, who is called back to solve a familiar case. The cadet who fled the Academy in 1830, Stoddard, has now been found dead. This will soon become a very personal case for him, but the only other person in the world who knows why is Edgar Allan Poe, who has now moved on to writing prose.

Poe is very suspicious of Landor, thinking he might not be able to keep his word, and threatens to report him to the police. Things only get worse when we learn that Stoddard was seen forcing another woman into a dark alley the night before, but she is nowhere to be found. Plus, Landor was also nearby that night, and Poe can’t take it anymore. He thinks Landor witnessed it and killed Stoddard. Landor, however, was simply meeting her new lover, aiming to put her life back together. Finally, he is able to locate the woman, who privately confesses to him that she killed Stoddard after she was able to escape his grasp. Landor promises to keep it a secret, and in doing so, finally finds a solution for his daughter.

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Of course, this is pure fanfiction. Do you like the idea? Do you have any ideas for alternative sequels? Let us know in the comments!

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The post Will there be a sequel to The Pale Blue Eye? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.