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Will there be a sequel to The Good Nurse?

October 30, 2022

The post Will there be a sequel to The Good Nurse? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We are discussing if there will be The Good Nurse 2, a sequel to the Netflix movie The Good Nurse, and will contain spoilers.

At Netflix The good nurse, Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne Play as two nurses who quickly become very good friends. She struggles with the health care system in the United States while it provides her with comfort and attention. Soon, a few mysterious deaths begin to occur in their hospital, and eyes quickly turn to Charles Cullen (Redmayne). He has a convoluted history at other hospitals that few are willing to discuss and is soon fired for a technicality from his current job so the hospital can avoid liability.

He is arrested shortly after and Amy de Chastain is able to extract a confession from him. Cut to a title card at the end that tells us he ended up confessing to 29 murders, but the number could be as high as 400. Meanwhile, Amy, who has a heart condition, is able to s ‘get out. The movie, which Stable cut ready gave a 3/5 to, is a quiet and intimate yet intense thriller that, despite knowing all the variables, manages to keep the viewer hooked for 120 minutes. The good nurse end seems very definitive, but could there be room for a sequel? The immediate answer is no, but let’s have fun here and speculate on what a potential sequel might be. The good nurse look like.

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Potential release date for The Good Nurse sequel

We’re looking at sometime in 2025 at the earliest, probably, depending on those involved. It’s probably not a very long shoot, but since there’s no apparent story to tell, Netflix should definitely reinvent itself here. There’s also the issue of the availability of screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns. She’s supposed to write Taika Waititi star wars movie right now, which will probably take most of its time to come (if that movie even happens). However, Netflix can always find a different screenwriter.

But there’s also the matter of Jessica Chastain’s schedule. The Oscar-winning actress goes from concert to concert. However, while his agents and Netflix work out a filming schedule, a screenwriter should have plenty of time to work on a script. Given a minimum pre-production year and another year for filming and publication, it would be impossible for the film to be released before the end of 2024, so most likely, 2025.

The good nurse sequel cast – who could be in it?

I feel like the only character who absolutely Needs to return is the main character, Amy (Chastain). Of course, the first movie is about her and her relationship with a serial killer and how that affected her arrest. But, as I’ll say in a moment, it’s probably best to leave that aside for the sequel and focus on the real problem the first movie was trying to solve.

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The good nurse sequel plot: what could The Good Nurse 2 be about?

The main message of the first film is how rotten the whole of health care in the United States is. A serial killer can murder dozens or even hundreds of patients himself, and hospitals will not be held liable for utter negligence, obstructing a police investigation, and covering up multiple crimes for their own benefit. Meanwhile, a nurse with a heart condition must hide her condition because she could lose her job and not be able to afford the surgery she needs to survive. To a non-American like me, that seems alien.

The second film should continue to focus on this message and depict Amy’s struggle to take care of herself while working endless hours in the ICU. The Real Person probably has a story or two to tell about it, and it would likely be an extremely relevant movie for many Americans who are going through or know someone who is. I would personally call the real Amy and ask permission to tell her story. Representation matters and it’s not just for races or sexual orientations.

You can watch this movie with a Netflix subscription.

The post Will there be a sequel to The Good Nurse? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.