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Will there be a season 2 of The Watcher on Netflix?

October 14, 2022

This article discusses the possibility of The Watcher Season 2 and its renewed or canceled status. It contains spoilers for the first season.

Ian Brenan and ryan murphy have yet to come across a scary true story that they couldn’t turn into netflix limited series, and the last is The Observera dramatization of a bizarre mystery to 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jerseycoming on the heels of the phenomenal success – if you want to call it that – of the duo Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

The incident was first explored in 2018 New York magazine article. The general idea is as follows: in 2014, the Broaddus family bought a very nice house in Westfield, and were then forced to sell it at a loss after receiving a series of increasingly demented letters from someone one calling himself “The Watcher”. Whoever was behind the letter knew intimate details about the home and the family’s whereabouts and implied quite strongly that the children were in danger.

Murphy and Brennan take the basic idea of ​​the story and expand it a bit with some of the new developments that have happened since that original story, and they also come up with a relatively clear theory of who is responsible. However, the case remains unsolved, raising questions about the potential future of the series.

Status renewed or canceled – will there be a season 2 of The Watcher on Netflix?

Status: to be confirmed

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The Observer was billed, unambiguously, as a limited series, and despite being a virtually guaranteed hit, it likely will remain so.

As evidenced by the way Brennan and Murphy jumped straight from Dahmer into this story, there are virtually endless number of deplorable killers and unsolved mysteries they could turn their attention to. There is no reason, artistically or financially, to return to this particular well.

And that’s probably a good thing. While the series doesn’t end conclusively, it does provide a pretty solid theory on who the Watcher is and also leaves our main characters in a personally interesting place. The note of ambiguity with which the show ends is effective, as we are left to ponder how the case might continue to affect those involved.

What could The Watcher season 2 be about?

For the sake of discussion, if we were to speculate on what the future of this show might look like, I think it would make sense to focus on the house itself rather than Dean and Nora Braddock, who were here the replacements for Derek and Marie Broaddus.

By all accounts, the Broadduses were not the first to become “victims” of the Observer and may not be the last. Since New York magazine The article would have been part of Netflix’s rights package, so stepping away from it and either focusing on new developments since then or taking full artistic license and imagining a follow-up would probably be the way to go.

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The second season could focus on the so-called Westfield Preservation Society as they attempt to keep the house unchanged, perhaps with several new owners moving into the property.

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