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Will Robinson die in Lost in Space? The fate of season 3 explored

December 2, 2021

** Warning – Major spoilers to come **

Season 3 of Lost in Space will sadly be the show’s final season on Netflix, and going forward we explore the fate of Will Robinson and reveal whether he lives or dies.

Created by Irwin Allen and released in 2018, the sci-fi adaptation of the 1965 series of the same name follows the Robinson family in their quest to colonize the Alpha Centauri planetary system.

Lost in Space has been a ray of stardust among the streaming platform’s catalog and many fans will be saddened by its end. However, the third and final season promises to be a real spectacle.

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Lost in space | Official trailer for the final season | Netflix

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Does Robinson die in Lost in Space?

No, Will Robinson does not die in Lost in Space season 3.

After receiving an artificial heart, Will travels with Robot and Smith on one of the Jupiters to Robot’s home planet, hoping to find a way to save everyone from the SAR attack.

Upon reaching the planet, Will’s heart begins to fail. While Will is dying, Robot takes him to an area where he acts as a conduit between the lighting and Will’s heart.

The electric current ultimately saves Will’s heart and life, but unfortunately Robot’s is sacrificed.

Who plays Will?

Maxwell Jenkins plays Will Robinson in Netflix’s Lost in Space.

Making his on-camera debut at just eight, Jenkins was previously an acrobatic performer with his father in the family circus, Midnight Circus, where he had performed since he was three.

Jenkins has had a number of small television roles before, including Betrayal, Chicago Fire, and Sense8.

Along with her recurring role in Lost in Space, Jenkins will also play an important role in the upcoming Reacher series.

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Will Will and Robot’s plan succeed?

Yes, Robot’s selfless act inspires the hostile robots on the planet to break free from their original agenda.

Additionally, Will and the other crew members use the robot music that Will recorded earlier in the season in an attempt to tone down the attack.

After having told SAR to stop the engine, which he refuses to do, Will is then again attacked by SAR who is angry with him. However, regardless of which robot fused into Will’s heart, the blue light was able to travel through SAR’s body and transform him into a good robot.

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Season 3 of Lost in Space is now available to stream on Netflix.

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