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Why does Wesker inject blood in Resident Evil?

July 18, 2022

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Resident Evil on Netflix*

Albert Wesker’s return in Netflix’s Resident Evil adaptation has sparked questions from fans after the character’s apparent death in the main video game series.

Wesker’s rebirth is made all the more mysterious by the fact that we see him inject his own daughters’ blood several times throughout the series.

But why does Albert Wesker inject blood and how is he alive in Netflix’s Resident Evil series in the first place?


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Albert Wesker in Netflix’s Resident Evil

Albert Wesker is featured in Netflix’s Resident Evil as a scientist and corporate executive who works for the sleazy Umbrella Corporation.

In the 2022 timeline, along with his adopted daughters Jade and Billie, Albert is forced to cross the Atlantic to New Raccoon City in South Africa to oversee Umbrella’s launch of an antidepressant named ‘Joy’, although his Attention is divided when there is an outbreak of T virus in a factory in Tijuana, Mexico.

Albert’s daughters initially struggle to adjust to their new life in South Africa, with Billie particularly enduring a difficult time as she becomes the target of bullying.

Although Albert uses his influence to help stop Billie from being further bullied, the two girls remain suspicious of their father, especially because he is seen drawing blood from them and injecting it into himself. later.

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Why does Wesker inject blood in Resident Evil?

The Albert Wesker in Netflix’s Resident Evil is actually a clone of the real Wesker.

Clone Albert (also known as Al) was created alongside two other clones (Alby and Bert) in the mid-2000s to help the real Albert Wesker continue his research without being distracted by other duties .

An impatient Albert sped up the growth of his clones so they could help him sooner, meaning clone Albert became an adult in just six months, which resulted in the clone developing health issues at unless it is regularly treated.

As a result, Al is forced to inject himself with his daughters’ blood to keep himself alive as well as mentally and physically stable.

While Al, the oldest clone, shares the most similarities with the real Albert, the other two clones, Alby and Bert, are slightly more unstable and therefore have different personalities.

However, Albert’s cloning was not sanctioned by Umbrella, and when they found out, he was forced to kill Alby in an attempt to cover his tracks while both Al and Bert survived.

Resident Evil, Lance Reddick as Albert WeskerDownload from official press site | netflix

What happened to the “real” Albert?

The real Albert Wesker died in 2009.

Thanks to Bert, we learn that Wesker’s true fate in the Netflix series mirrors that of the Resident Evil 5 story.

“He died in a volcano. It’s good, though. He wasn’t very nice,” Bert explains.

While Evelyn Marcus also teases that Wesker “burned to pieces”.

In the final chapters of Resident Evil 5, the game’s main characters, Chris and Sheva, put an end to Wesker’s latest scheme as he prepares to launch missiles loaded with a new virus (the Uroboros virus).

Instead, the couple were able to weaken him by injecting him with the virus. But in the struggle, the plane crashed into the center of a volcano where the final battle ensued.

Chris and Sheva put up one last stand against the mutated Wesker, eventually weakening him enough that he fell into the lava and was taken down for good when the duo fired a rocket at him from their helicopter.

Resident Evil, Lance Reddick as Albert WeskerDownload from official press site | netflix

Resident Evil is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on July 14, 2022.

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