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Why does Ginny burn herself with a lighter in Ginny & Georgia?

January 5, 2023

*WARNING: Content of a distressing nature discussed in advance*

For the most part, the Netflix series Ginny & Georgia is a lighthearted teen comedy-drama, but there’s also a serious side to the show as it delves into the mental health issues of its protagonists.

It largely focuses on Ginny and her attempts to navigate her complicated life and in particular the relationship she shares with her often temperamental mother, Georgia.

Throughout the series, this has manifested in many ways, but one of the most telling and harrowing comes in the form of Ginny self-harming herself by burning herself with a lighter.


Ginny’s struggles with mental health and self-harm

From the opening episode of Ginny & Georgia, it’s clear that the Miller family at the heart of the series has been going through tough times as they complete a hasty move to the fictional town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts.

In Season 1, 15-year-old Ginny struggled to cope with the latest in a long series of moves as she tried to settle into a new school while her complicated relationship with Georgia also weighed in. heavily on his mind.

Through the use of storytelling, Ginny explained her feelings about recent developments in her life to viewers before those feelings showed up in her actions, seeing her begin to make friends, argue with her mother, and attract the attention of several love interests.

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However, when things started to overwhelm Ginny, she took things a step further and, at worst, turned to self-harm, which saw her using a lighter to burn her thighs.

Antonia Gentry as Ginny in episode 201 of Ginny & GeorgiaGinny and Georgia © Netflix

Why is Ginny burning herself with a lighter?

Ginny explains that she burns out when her stress and anxiety levels begin to overwhelm her, which she says makes her feel like she has pent up energy inside that leads to a misguided urge to get herself difficulty.

In the second episode of Season 2, Ginny begins attending therapy sessions after telling her father, Zion, about her struggles.

During the first of these sessions, we learn that Ginny started hurting herself when she was only 12, explaining that it was a byproduct of the instability in her life due to the constant moving of his family.

Ginny states that she was triggered after being forced to miss a friend’s birthday party, the first she had ever been invited to, when Georgia decided to move out again out of the blue.

Antonia Gentry as Ginny in episode 202 of Ginny & GeorgiaGinny and Georgia © Netflix

She asks for help in season 2

After struggling with her issues on her own throughout Season 1, Ginny tries to take a different approach in Season 2 as she seeks help and support.

It begins when she confides in her father about her self-harm, which leads to Ginny agreeing to start seeing a therapist.

Ginny has her first encounter with the therapist in Episode 2, who gives Ginny several tools to use to help her cope when her stress and anxiety start to get too much.

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These include a rubber band to wear on her wrist to distract herself from thoughts of self-harm and a journal she can use to record her feelings and keep track of triggers affecting her.

The therapist also implores Ginny to call him directly if the urge to self-harm gets too strong.

Therapist in Ginny & Georgia season 2 episode 2Ginny and Georgia © Netflix

Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on January 5, 2023.

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