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Who plays Lars Hutton in The Rig?

January 12, 2023

The post Who plays Lars Hutton in The Rig? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

Who plays Lars Hutton in The Rig? We explain the character of Lars Hutton and the career of the actor who played him.

January is usually a dark time on the TV and film calendar, right after Christmas and the excesses of the holiday season. Production companies are tired of releasing their most promising content at this time of year, and customers themselves are obviously tightening the purse strings at home, after spending too much in December.

Regardless of these common trends, First video released a supernatural thriller The platform in the cursed junkyard months with huge success, with the six-part drama becoming rather popular for the streaming site. Fans of the show are eager to learn more about the show’s many mysteries. While many viewers are interested in the controversial nature of Lars Hutton and want to know by whom he is represented.

Who plays Lars Hutton in The Rig?

The character of Lars Hutton is played by Welsh actor Owen Teale. Hutton is one of the most outspoken crew members aboard the oil rig Kinloch Bravo, who is quite aggressive and violent at times, which makes him a rather hated character overall. Throughout the series, this very frustrating individual is quite antagonistic towards the direction of the rig and he causes endless trouble aboard the drilling rig.

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The series itself focuses on the large team that works aboard the Kinloch Bravo oil rig, located 150 miles off the Scottish North Sea coast. The team must return to the mainland, but a mysterious fog suddenly covers the surroundings, cutting off communications with the outside world, blocking them all at sea. Of course, the fog brings its own dangers and the crew must face deadly forces. difficult to understand if he ever wants to return home alive.

The platform is created by David MacPherson, who writes the majority of the episodes. With a handful of episodes directed by John Strickland (The stewardess and Course of action) and Alex Holmes. Owen Teale is joined by an impressive cast that includes Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek), Iain Glen (game of thrones), and Martin Compston (Course of action).

What else has Owen Teale starred in?

Owen Teale is a character actor who has starred in film and television roles since the mid-1980s. The platform marks his last TV credit, however, the comedian has racked up a successful career on the small screen for many decades now, mostly appearing in UK shows, but he’s also been known to delve into American dramas from time to time.

Fittingly, Teale’s very first TV role was in Doctor Who, another sci-fi series. He played the character of Maldak in two episodes, in 1985. Since then, he has starred in countless dramas, including David Copperfield, Spooks, Midsomer Murders, Torchwood, The Hollow Crown, and Course of action. Teale portrayed Chief Inspector Phillip Osborne in three episodes of Course of action back in the first season of the hit series, then returned as chief of police in 2021 for five more installments.

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Owen Teale has also starred in several film roles over the decades, including his appearance as Brian Vokes in the 2020s. dream horse and play Director Gilson in the biopic Tolkien. Yet it is Teale’s roles on American television that will have captured most viewers’ attention. He is credited as Peter Knox in Sky One’s fantasy drama series A discovery of witches, and then there’s that HBO show everyone’s talking about.

Why is Owen Teale famous?

Probably Owen Teale’s most notable role is playing recurring character Alliser Thorne on the fantasy series. game of thronesappearing in nineteen episodes over four seasons. Alliser Thorne is the master-at-arms of Castle Black, where he is responsible for training new Night’s Watch recruits. A great warrior, Thorne rose through the ranks to his esteemed position. In the first season, he trained Jon Snow (Kit Harington) though the two were at odds with each other, due to Thorne’s resentment of the character. Thorne had a crush on Jon from day one and purposely makes his life a misery.

Teale would return to the role in seasons four, five, and six to once again portray Alliser Thorne. Over these seasons, the relationship between Thorne and Jon Snow would evolve. Thorne is a complex character who develops over the seasons. It’s a role that Teale plays exceptionally well, one that isn’t too different from his other surly and aggressive roles in his filmography. Teale may be lightly typecast, but he makes the most of it and has had a very successful career over the decades.

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The post Who plays Lars Hutton in The Rig? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.