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Who killed Sarah? season 3, episode 5 recap – “Lab Rats”

May 18, 2022

This recap of Who Killed Sara? Season 3, Episode 5, “Lab Rats,” contains spoilers.

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Who killed Sarah? season 3 episode 5 recap

Episode 5 opens with Nicandro visiting Daniela in a flashback. They haven’t seen each other in a long time, so it’s an emotional embrace. As they hug, Daniela steals Nicandro’s phone. She then tells Lucia that they are lab rats, which is not “real life”. And then, Daniela helps Lucia to escape.

In the present, Elisa and Rodolfo ask Marianna where Chema is. She does not reveal where he is (The Medusa Center). Meanwhile, Chema is at the center as he thinks they are going to treat him for this trauma. He has no idea what he signed up for.

In a flashback, Sara accuses Marifer and her mother of plotting against her. Afterwards, she asks Nicandro if she can deal drugs with him. Marifer argues with Nicandro afterwards, stating that Sara is his friend. But then Marifer learns that Nicandro is also working with The Medusa Project. The series seems to give similar flashbacks but from a different point of view.

In a flashback, Chema touches Alex’s p***s while he sleeps. Meanwhile, Reinaldo believes he can “cure” homosexuality and schizophrenia. He uses a Freudian theory to present his case, linking the mother’s chromosomes to the cause. In the present, Chema is being experimented with. He showed a video of Alex naked in the shower. He is confused as to how Reinaldo got this video. Chema gets an adrenaline shot while watching the video.

The end

Flashbacks with Sara continue as she confronts Reinaldo and then flees from safety. Marifer overhears Reinaldo talking to his team about lying to Sara about her baby – they want to tell her that her child is dead.

In a flashback, Reinaldo confronts Sara’s mother; they want Sara’s diary. When she states that she does not know where he is, he kills her.

At this point in the series, he’s regurgitating plot points because it’s clear the story is running out of steam.

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