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Who killed Carlton in Stay Close? Killer in Netflix series revealed

January 6, 2022

Talk about a series that keeps you going …

Netflix has unveiled a slew of gripping crime dramas throughout 2021 and before the year is out they slipped into Stay Close.

Directed by Daniel O’Hara and based on the 2012 Harlan Coben novel of the same name, it tells the gripping story of a photojournalist, soccer mom, homicide detective bound by a past event.

Soaked in a lot of mystery and intrigue, most are finally finishing all eight episodes this year and were forced to ask a few questions.

Perhaps one of the most important is this: Who killed Carlton in Stay Close?


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Who killed Carlton in Stay Close?

It turns out that Dave was responsible for Carlton’s murder.

However, the person who killed the others, in general, is Lorraine. Looking back, it is finally revealed that Lorraine was working at Vipers and it was she who chose the theme of “carnival” and used the event to her advantage to murder someone every year.

We find that the victims of her murderous urges had already inflicted pain or distress on women before she put an end to their lives.

As for the details of Carlton’s fate, Dave promised his daughter Kayleigh that he would always be there to help her no matter what. Well, one night Carlton was found increasing his drinks at Vipers.

Taking action, she trapped him in the car and Dave unwittingly arrived at the scene to cover up any crime.

However, he didn’t know that Carlton was in fact trapped, drugged, and concealed in the car. Dave pushed the vehicle into a lake, killing it by drowning.

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Stay closed | Official trailer | Netflix

BridTV7030Stay closed | Official trailer | Netflixhttps: //

“It is now his ball”

Series star Richard Armitage (who plays Ray) shared his thoughts on the ending while speaking with Radio Times:

“The viewer and the main cast think the story is over, but in reality only Cassie has this knowledge and understanding of what her husband has done. She will therefore have to carry this burden.

He added, “In a way, it’s no different from what Ray went through. Ray must have carried this heavy memory of something that happened and had no one to share it with, so now it’s his ball. “

Is Stay Close renewed for season 2?

No, Stay Close has not been renewed for Season 2, although that was intended given that the project has always been billed as a TV miniseries.

The Single Season serves as a full adaptation of Harlan Coben’s book, although there is actually a lot more where it came from, as more of his novels are adapted for Netflix.

That’s because the acclaimed author has a five-year contract with Netflix that will see fourteen of his novels adapted into movies or shows. So if you are a fan of the writer, great things await you.

Stay Close is now streaming on Netflix.

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