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Who is the owner of Gunther IV?

February 4, 2023

The post Who owns Gunther IV? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

Who is the owner of Gunther IV? We discuss the famously rich dog after the release of the intriguing Netflix documentary Gunther’s Millions.

Well, we’re in the realm of the “stranger than the truth” documentary here, a genre that as far as I can tell continues to grow in popularity on streaming platforms, likely due to a growing interest in true crime docu-dramas.

It seems like every month we get a new series, and the focus shifts from crime to any weird, offbeat true story that can sustain a few skillfully edited episodes with the likelihood of a viral meme. From The Tiger Kingthe producers were looking for a similar eye-catching property, and since these series are relatively cheap to make, you might as well throw everything against the fourth wall and see what sticks.

So here we are with Gunther’s Millions, a show based on the richest dog in the world and the people whose job it is to keep him there. God forbid we let this series run without commentary, so strap in to dive deep into finding out who owns Gunther IV.

Who is the owner of Gunther IV?

Who owned Gunther VI?

To answer that, we need to know who Gunther III belonged to. You see, Gunther VI is actually the grandson, grand-puppy, of Gunther III, who belonged to the wealthy Countess Karlotta Liebenstein. The Countess died in 1992, and without immediate family or children, she left her vast wealth to her dog Gunther III.

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Unfortunately, Gunther didn’t live long to enjoy his legacy, and all would go to his next of kin, Gunther VI. Now the dogs have a guardian, entrepreneur and eccentric businessman Maurizio Mianheir to his mother’s pharmaceutical company, and would be named guardian of the dog, but originally Countess Karlotta was Gunther’s owner.

Why is Gunther the dog rich?

Countess Karlotta Liebenstein was perceived as incredibly wealthy. In fact, his fortune appeared to be around $400 million, and maybe it was more. The story goes that the Countess left the money to her canine companion under Mian’s stewardship.

However, while this is technically true, it appears that when the situation is examined more closely, there appears to be a much darker and more complex legal situation at play. It appears that the inheritance story may be a bizarre smokescreen to cover up financial shenanigans going on behind the scenes.

The money is believed to have originally been laundered through the Countess by the dog sitter’s mother Mian, who was friends with the Countess and was looking for a way to avoid paying taxes on her vast business earnings pharmaceutical. When the Countess died, the money had to be cleaned up again somehow, and the idea of ​​it all going to the dog was both inspired and surreal, but more importantly, c was technically legal. S

o Gunther inherits the money, Mian takes care of it and no one is more wise, including the lawyer in the Bahamas who took on the case and manages the trust.

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Who is the richest dog in the world?

There have been a few contenders for the crown of the world’s richest dog, and although fashion designer Alexander McQueen leaves each of his beloved pooches $82,000, as well as donations to various animal trusts, he looks like Gunther IV is still at number 1 spot.

Are Gunther’s millions real?

The money is real, and through various investments, such as buying Madonna’s former birthplace in Los Angeles, setting up a bizarre foundation, and then possibly selling it on for a profit, he would make even more money. . The documentary features footage of Mian speaking with the director Aurelien Leturgie about the whole process, so it may be up to the viewer at this point to extrapolate what they think is actually happening, however, the money is real.

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The post Who owns Gunther IV? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.