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Who is Rose Walker in The Sandman? Dream Vortex powers explored

August 8, 2022

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Sandman*

As a fantasy series, Netflix’s The Sandman is full of weird and wonderful characters who possess an array of abilities that may seem unusual to fans unfamiliar with the original comic book franchise.

One such character is Rose Walker, who becomes the center of attention after being introduced halfway through the show’s opening season.

But who is Rose Walker in The Sandman and what does her role as Dream Vortex mean for the series?


The Sandman | Official trailer | netflix

BridTV10961The Sandman | Official trailer | Netflix

Who is Rose Walker in The Sandman?

Rose Walker is introduced in Episode 7 of The Sandman and quickly becomes a key character in the final episodes of Season 1.

He is a mysterious being known as Dream Vortex, a living creature with a special connection to the realm of Dream (aka Morpheus) known as Dreaming, where humans go to dream while they sleep.

As the Dream Vortex, Rose is able to traverse the Dreaming at will, while most mortals are confined to a single location in the realm.

This means that Rose is able to inadvertently break down the barriers between dimensions and, despite her innocent intentions, might be able to destroy both the dream world and the waking world.

Part of Morpheus’ mission as a dream lord is to remove any emerging dream vortices.

The one time Morpheus failed to stop a Dream Vortex, it resulted in the destruction of a previous universe and so he will now use any means necessary to eliminate any future Dream Vortex.

Vanesu Samunyai as Rose Walker, looking right in The SandmanThe Sandman © Laurence Cendrowicz | netflix

Where did Rose get her powers?

Rose’s Dream Vortex powers are hereditary, meaning they were passed down from members of her family.

The original Dream Vortex in this timeline was actually Rose’s great-grandmother, Unity Kinkaid.

However, Unity’s powers ended up being passed down from generation to generation after she fell into a deep sleep for 100 years while Dream was imprisoned by Roderick Burgess.

During her long sleep, Unity encountered a handsome man in her dreams. This man was actually Desire, Dream’s disruptive brother, who ended up impregnating Unity while she slept.

This means that Rose is technically Desire’s great-granddaughter, which means she’s part of the Endless family.

Desire planned to manipulate Dream into killing Rose, which would have resulted in his conviction as the Endless are forbidden from shedding their own family’s blood.

However, Desire’s plan is foiled in the Season 1 finale when Unity resumes its place as Dream Vortex and sacrifices itself to save Rose and allow her to live a normal life.

Tom Sturridge in Dream and Vanesu Samunyai in Rose Walker crossing a graveyard in The SandmanThe Sandman © Liam Daniel | netflix

Who plays Rose Walker?

Rose Walker is played by Vanesu Samunyai, also known as Kyo Ra.

Vanesu Samunyai was born in Warwickshire of Zimbabwean descent on April 23, 2001, making her 21 when The Sandman was released.

Her role as Rose Walker in The Sandman is actually her first professional job as an actor as she has no other credits to her name.

Like most actors in the modern industry, Vanesu Samunyai is very active on social media, especially on Instagram where she has just under 1,900 followers at the time of writing, although this is expected to increase after her first appearance in The Sandman.

The Sandman is available to stream now on Netflix after its release on August 5, 2022.

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