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Who is Jordan in Dear Edward?

February 6, 2023

The post Who is Jordan in Dear Edward? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

“Who is Jordan in Dear Edward?” In this article, we discuss one of the key characters in the new Apple TV+ series Dear Edward.

Dear Edward is a brand new series airing on AppleTV Plus, created by Jason Katimswhich adapts the best-selling novel by Anne Napolitano of the same name. The story centers on a plane crash that ended the lives of everyone on board except a 12-year-old boy named Edward, and follows the relatives of the victims as they cross tragic events.

Episode 1 features a wide cast of characters ranging from a handful of passengers on the plane to their loved ones and focuses on the day of the incident. Episode 2 focuses on the aftermath of the accident and shows us how the world reacts to the tragedy and the miraculous survival of young Edward. Because the roster of characters is so long, one can feel lost watching the show – for example, a character named Jordan is constantly brought up, but one might not quite remember who he is. If this is your case, you have come to the right place! Here’s what we know about him

Who is Jordan in Dear Edward?

Jordan is Edward’s older brother. The two move from New York to California because her mother’s job requires it, and neither is very happy about it. They were homeschooled for a few years after their parents were forced to pull them out of school because Edward was being bullied in class. He’s definitely the smarter of the two and, in fact, tries to help Jordan with his lessons once in a while.

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After feeling frustrated with this situation, Jordan decides that once he arrives in Los Angeles, he wants to go to public school, despite what he might have said about it before. He tells Edward about it on the plane, who immediately freaks out because of so many changes happening very quickly and it’s all beyond his control. The first episode quickly establishes a very close and loving relationship between the two brothers, who are also each other’s best friends. In what would become a painful memory for Edward in Episode 2 and beyond, the two played a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide who would sit by the airplane window. Edward won and thanks to that he survived.

Who plays Jordan in Dear Edward?

Jordan is played by a young actor named Maxwell Jenkins, who has appeared in a few shows and movies over the past few years, despite his age. He was a recurring cast member in Sense8 and was also part of the main set of lost in space. He was nominated for three Saturn Awards for his performance in this series.

Why is Jordan important?

Jordan was the most important person in Edward’s life before the accident. He was the one who understood him best, and in the midst of all the changes going on, he was supposed to be his rock, the one thing that would stay consistent after moving to the West Coast. Jordan’s death represents, perhaps more than anything else, that life will never be the same for Edward, and to move on, he will have to realize that his older brother is no longer with him.

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This transition begins in the second episode when Edward goes to his neighbor’s house and asks to sleep next to his new friend Shay, who he hopes will fill the void left by Jordan for him. In fact, in the final moments, he asks her to literally play that part, saying, “Goodnight, you idiot,” like Jordan used to do, just so he can finally get some sleep.

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The post Who is Jordan in Dear Edward? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.