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Who is Jolyne Cujoh in Stone Ocean? JoJo anime lands lead female role

December 2, 2021

Netflix has just launched the final season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, but who is Jolyne Cujoh, the main female protagonist?

There are only a handful of modern anime franchises that are more iconic than JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

So, naturally, there was a lot of hype and excitement within the JoJo community for the latest installment in the animated series, Stone Ocean.

The fifth season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure premiered today, December 1, worldwide via Netflix, but who is the show’s new female character, Jolyne Cujoh?

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JoJo Stone Ocean’s Bizarre Adventure | Official trailer | Netflix

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures leading female role …

Stone Ocean is a historic season for the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise as it is the first installment starring a woman, Jolyne Cujoh.

The first season focused on the original Jonathan Joestar during the Phantom Blood arc, then his grandson Joseph Joestar in the Battle Tendency arc.

Season 2 adapts the Stardust Crusaders arc and centers around Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kugo, and Holly Kujo.

The third installment, Diamond is Unbreakable, focuses on Jotaro Kujo and the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar, a man called Josuke Higashikata.

Season 4 features Jotaro Kujo, but focuses primarily on the infamous Giorno Giovanna, who is technically a member of the Joestar clan after Dio possessed Jonathan at the time of his conception.

First appearing in Stone Ocean, Jolyne Cujoh is the first known female member of the JoJo clan and the series’ first female lead character.

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Who is Jolyne Cujoh?

Jolyne Cujoh, aka FE40536 or Chorokichi, is the next generation of JoJo and is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo and an unnamed mother.

In the Stone Ocean animated season premiere episode, Jolyne is 19 and wears mostly dark outfits with a spider web design. Like all members of the Joestar family, she has a star-shaped birthmark on her left shoulder as well as several tattoos: including butterfly wings and a dagger.

According to the series’ Fandom page, most of Jolyne’s childhood was spent without her father being present. At the age of 14, she was falsely accused of participating in a robbery and fleeing a police officer on a motorcycle. However, her father did not believe in her innocence, which led to her spending time in juvenile detention.

After her parents’ divorce, Jolyne joined the Hell Riders gang but was able to clean up her life several years later, before being arrested for her role in a hit and run with Romeo, a young man with whom she was dating the time.

Jolyne Cujoh’s stance, which is the visual manifestation of a character’s energy, is called “Stone Free” – known as Suton Furi or short for SF.

Stone Free is a humanoid stand, often cyan in color and has strings with studded or snakeskin sections. It is the ideal support for close combat, with a “String Power” which allows Jolyne to untangle her body in string.

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Who interprets Jolyne Cujoh?

In the new season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Jolyne Cujoh is voiced by Fairouz Ai in the Japanese version and Kira Buckland in the English dub.

Fairouz Ai is an Egyptian-Japanese voice actor from Tokyo and a rising star in the anime dubbing industry.

Not making her professional debut until 2018, the 28-year-old has featured in Monster Girl Doctor (Kay Arte), Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (Takechiyo), Full Dive (Alicia) and Rumble Garanndoll (Rin Akagi).

Kira Buckland voices Jolyne in the English dub for Stone Ocean and is an anime industry veteran.

The 34-year-old is from Anchorage, Alaska and made her professional debut in 2004. Fans may recognize Buckland’s voice in works such as Blue Exorcist (Izumo Kamiki), Sailor Moon (Mimete), Hunter x Hunter (Zushi), Re: Zero (Beatrice), Rising of the Shield Hero (Rishia), Yashahime (Setsuna) and To Your Eternity (Hayase).

She has also appeared in several video game dubbing, including Street Fighter V, Soulcalibur VI, Phantasy Star Online 2, and Persona 5 Strikers.

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