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Who is DB Cooper suspect Robert Rackstraw and where is he now?

July 14, 2022

Some of the greatest and most intriguing mysteries of all time remain as they are. Mysteries. Unresolved.

Among them is the uncertainty surrounding DB Cooper, a media epithet that has been used for an unidentified man since he hijacked Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305 on November 24, 1971. The plane was heading from Portland , Oregon, to Seattle, Washington and the unidentified man extorted $200,000 in ransom.

He was eventually parachuted over southwest Washington and although part of the ransom was discovered in 1980, the identity of the suspect remains a mystery.

The person responsible is often referred to as DB Cooper because he used the pseudonym Dan Cooper to buy his plane ticket, reports the Independent.

The mystery has racked the brains of amateur sleuths and officials for decades and interest has been renewed with the release of DB Cooper: Where Art Thou!?

The documentary was released on Netflix in July 2022 and gives the details of this quite compelling case. Since its release, some have been encouraged to dive deeper and seek out some of the men believed to have been DB Cooper. With that in mind, who is DB Cooper suspect Robert Rackstraw?

artist's sketch of DB Cooper's suspect DB Cooper: Where Are You?!  on Netflixstill from DB Cooper: Where are you?! trailer, Netflix

Who is DB Cooper suspect Robert Rackstraw?

Among the list of suspects associated with the hijacking in 1971 is Robert Rackstraw.

His potential role in crime is acknowledged in the Netflix production and Decider reports that he was a skilled pilot and a disgraced Vietnam veteran. Assessing his background, some believe that his skill and discharge may have given him the drive and ability to orchestrate the plot. After all, the stunt provides both financial gain and also challenges authority on a grand scale.

Not only that, but Decider includes that Rackstraw’s criminal history is well-documented, as he falsified military records, wrote bad checks, kept explosives, and was charged with domestic violence. Even further, he was accused of killing his stepfather; it is important to add, on the other hand, that he was not found guilty of this crime.

The FBI investigated him as part of the DB Cooper case in 1979 and the above criminal history complemented the fact that a web of deceit and rumors led DB Cooper investigator Tom Colbert to Rackstraw, who was rumored to have had a relationship with the CIA.

No official evidence exists to suggest any concrete links between Rackstraw and the organization.


DB Cooper: Where are you? ! | Official trailer | netflix

BridTV10497D.B. Cooper: Where are you? ! | Official trailer | Netflix

Where is Robert Rackstraw now?

Digital Spy reports that Robert Rackstraw died on July 9, 2019, from heart disease.

Throughout his life he was asked if he was the man behind the pseudonym DB Cooper and he never confessed, although he often dodges the question and answers it with a cheeky wink. . Nevertheless, the reason behind this wink remains ambiguous and there are a multitude of possible reasons behind such a reaction.

The case remains unsolved to this day.

“He was a criminal…”

Tina Mucklow was a flight attendant who was on board when the hijacking took place and she opened up to Rolling Stone when the FBI closed the DB Cooper case in 2016.

“He was a criminal who threatened not only my life, but the lives of all those innocent people on that flight,” she said, upset that the man responsible was never caught. However, she understands that it’s been so long since the crime was committed that the decision made sense.

“I recognize that it was probably the right thing to do given the time [that has passed] and knowing all the needs of our world today.

DB Cooper: Where are you? ! is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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