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Who is and plays Gil in Ginny And Georgia season 2?

January 5, 2023

Netflix certainly hasn’t wasted any time in 2023, has it? The streamer recently released Kaleidoscope, a series that is the first of its kind, inviting audiences to watch the episodes in any order. With the non-linear spectacle serving as a new addition to the platform, on the other hand, we have a familiar favorite finally making its long-awaited return.

Obviously, we’re talking about Ginny And Georgia.

Blending comedy and drama with great skill, Sarah Lampert’s irresistible series first aired in February 2021 and fans immediately fell in love with the titular characters, played by Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey respectively.

It was renewed a few months after its premiere and Season 2 was unveiled on Thursday, January 5, 2023.

While the sight of the faces we know will certainly be an early highlight, a new character is set to shake things up. So who is Gil in Ginny And Georgia season 2 and who plays him?


Diesel La Torraca as Austin Miller, Brianne Howey as Georgia in episode 206 of Ginny & GeorgiaGinny and Georgia © Netflix | Amanda Matlovich

Who is and plays Gil in Ginny And Georgia?

Gil Timmins is played by Aaron Ashmore in Ginny And Georgia 2. Although the character debuts in later episodes, he was actually hinted at in the previous season.

He is Georgia’s ex-boyfriend and Austin’s father.

We find out that he has been released from prison and has now ventured to Wellsbury to cause trouble for Georgia. After meeting her son at school, her motivations for returning unravel. He was inside for embezzlement, and although Georgia never spoke fondly of him, it turns out she set him up after he got violent.

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Beyond the character, consider the man who embodies it. The 43-year-old Canadian actor has already shown his talents on shows such as Veronica Mars (Troy Vandegraff), Killjoys (Johnny Jaqobis), Locke & Key (Duncan Locke), Smallville (Jimmy Olsen) and Skymed (Wheezer).

He has also acted in films such as The Retreat (James), Regression (George Nesbitt) and The Shrine (Marcus).


Follow Ginny And Georgia’s Aaron Ashmore on Instagram

You can find Aaron on Instagram at aaron_ashmore.

He currently has 56,000 subscribers and that’s sure to grow once audiences appreciate his work on Ginny And Georgia.


“All the characters are really complex”

Speaking of new characters, whether new or old, the series creator was recently interviewed by Telltale TV about the resistance to writing them off so clearly:

“I think what the show does so well is that it doesn’t really put a good or bad sticker on anybody’s forehead. All the characters are really complex. All the characters are multifaceted. At times, they’re the good guy. At times, they are the bad guys.

She added: “And I think that’s especially true for Ginny and Georgia. They are really dynamic and messy women.

Ginny And Georgia streams exclusively on Netflix.

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