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Who died in The Sandman Season 1?

August 6, 2022

This article, “Who Died in The Sandman Season 1,” contains spoilers for the Netflix series.

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There are quite a few deaths in the first season of The sand man. Below is a list of all the main characters who have bitten the bullet.

Who died in the Netflix series The sand man season 1?

Roderick Burgess

Surprisingly, the first death in the series is the character played by Charles Dance. While you might initially think he would be a key player throughout, he meets his end in the very first episode. He accidentally dies after a fight with his son, Alex, which leads to him hitting his head. And while you might have thought this is the kind of show that would bring Roderick back from the dead, it doesn’t!


The first highly documented murder victim. After Lord Morpheous absorbs the dragon Gregory, Abel “sucks” Lord Morpheous. This is too sickening an act for Cain, and he brutally murders Abel. But later, in the second episode, Abel is alive and well and it is hinted that Cain often murders Abel. such as when Abel suggests a name for their new pet Goldie, Cain murders Abel for suggesting a name he doesn’t like.

Ethel Cripps

Another shocking death considering it looked like Ethel would be a key player throughout the first season. After stealing the ruby ​​when she fled from Roderick, who wanted her to abort their baby, Ethel became aware of the hidden darkness within her son, Jonathon. So, to protect herself and others, Ethel keeps Jonathon locked up in a secure hospital. But when Ethel learns that Lord Morpheous has escaped, she fears for her safety and that of Jonathon. As a result, she visits Jonathan and gives him the Amulet of Protection, causing her age to catch up with her, and she dies in her son’s arms.

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In what might be the best episode of the season, Jonathon, now in control of the ruby, goes to a restaurant where he wants everyone to live their truth. While he plans for everyone to live more honestly, it also results in their deaths. With shocking desires like sex and murder, the fifth episode shows that all humans (at least in The Sandman) are violent, sex-crazed psychopaths.

The Corinthian

For much of the series, The Corinthian battles Lord Morpheous. While The Corinthian thinks Lord Morpheous will kill him at the first opportunity, The Corinthian tries to recruit Rose so they can team up against Lord Morpheous. Unfortunately, for The Corinthian, its plans don’t seem to be working. After a brief confrontation, The Corinthian is reduced to dust by Lord Morpheous.


After killing The Corinthian, Lord Morpheous thinks he must now kill Rose Walker. And that’s pretty much what happens. But after Unity, Rose’s grandmother, reveals that she is a descendant of the Voltex, she forces Lord Morpheous to kill himself rather than Rose.

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