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Who did Georgia kill in Ginny And Georgia?

January 6, 2023

It was perhaps surprising that a seemingly wholesome comedy-drama like Ginny And Georgia had so much murder and death. Still, fans of the Netflix series know how difficult Georgia Miller’s life has been. She’s certainly found questionable and creative ways to solve her problems, so who killed Georgia in Ginny And Georgia?

The series follows Georgia and her teenage daughter Ginny as they try to navigate their new life in the New England town of Wellsbury. After Georgia’s husband Kenny dies, the mother-daughter duo try to start over and build a new life.

**WARNING: Spoilers for Ginny and Georgia ahead**

However, Georgia cannot move past its past, as the first season established. With a private investigator hot on her trail and determined to catch her for at least one murder, Season 2 shows exactly why and how Georgia was able to survive.

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Brianne Howey as Georgia MillerCourtesy of Netflix © 2022

Who did Georgia kill in Ginny And Georgia?

Georgia Miller has more than one murder under her belt. Let’s take a look at his victims.

Kenny Drexel

Season 1 unfolded with the puzzling murder of Kenny Drexel. Kenny was Georgia’s wealthy husband and Ginny’s creepy stepfather.

The rich man met his death after being inappropriate towards Ginny. Poisoned by his mother with aconite, Kenny has a cardiac arrest and dies. Her death passes for an accident and Georgia flees to start a new life with her daughter.

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The private investigator stalking Georgia was originally hired to investigate Kenny’s death, which led him straight to Georgia and its murderous past.

Anthony Green

As the second season unfolds, it’s slowly revealed that Kenny isn’t the only husband Georgia has poisoned.

Her first husband, Anthony Green, whom she married when she was just 17, suffered the same fate as Kenny. He was not poisoned with aconite, however, Georgia used sleeping pills.

Tom Fuller

Near the end of the second season, Georgia plays a role in another death, taking the life of Tom Fuller. As an as-yet-unknown act of remorse by his wife Cynthia — a woman with whom Georgia has a more than complicated relationship — the titular character suffocates a comatose, bedridden Tom.

Season 1 revealed that Cynthia’s husband had fallen ill and had no chance of recovery. She explains in the second season that she wants Tom to pass peacefully so that she and her family can move on.

Sympathizing with Cynthia, Georgia smothers Tom when she finds herself alone with him. However, Cynthia’s son Austin hides in the bedroom and witnesses the gruesome act.

Cynthia does not suspect foul play in Tom’s death until the cops show up in the finale and arrest Georgia for her murder. That’s a lot of skeletons in the closet.

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Brianne Howey as Georgia in episode 203 of Ginny & GeorgiaGinny and Georgia © Netflix

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