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Where was The Terminal List filmed? Chris Pratt locations explored

June 30, 2022

Fresh off of his recent Jurassic World Dominion appearance, Chris Pratt is back on our screens for his first television appearance in several years on Amazon Prime Video’s The Terminal List.

The action-packed series sees Pratt’s character, James Reece, at the heart of a dark conspiracy after he returns from a secret Navy SEAL mission gone wrong.

Several locations feature in The Terminal List, but where exactly was the series filmed?


The list of terminals | official trailer

BridTV10372The list of terminals | Official Trailer

The Terminal List – release date and plot preview

The list of terminals explodes on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, July 1, 2022.

Based on the best-selling novel by Jack Carr, the series follows Lieutenant Commander James Reece after he returns home from a secret Navy SEAL mission that saw his entire platoon ambushed.

Reece’s return home is greeted with conflicting memories of the events and lingering questions about his role in the failed mission.

However, as new evidence emerges, Reece learns that he is at the heart of a dark conspiracy and an unknown enemy is working against him, endangering not only his life but also that of his family and friends.

The list of terminalsAmazon Prime Video

Where was The Terminal List filmed?

The Terminal List was filmed in several locations in California. Filming began on the project on March 9, 2021 and continued for several months until the summer of this year.

California hosted the production of The Terminal List with the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Clarita among the filming locations.

A particularly notable location used during production was Lake Arrowhead in San Bernadino County. In fact, passers-by spotted Pratt and his cast mates on boats during filming. Several action scenes took place on the roads surrounding the lake.

The list of terminalsAmazon Prime Video

Other projects filmed in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is a popular spot with tourists as more than four million people visit the beautiful body of water nestled in the San Bernadino Mountains each year. This brings in a lot of business for the lake’s resident population of just 12,424, according to the 2010 census.

But the scenic lake has also proven particularly popular with filmmakers over the past few decades. Over 170 productions have chosen to use the location over the years.

Classic films such as Giant, The Parent Trap, The Great Race, Cary Grant’s The Awful Truth and Lassie Come Home were filmed there. More recent productions include Space Jam, The American President, Willow Creek and Dangerous Minds.

The list of terminalsAmazon Prime Video

The list of terminals is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video starting Friday, July 1, 2022.

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