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Where was The Rig filmed?

January 8, 2023

The post Where was The Rig filmed? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

Where was The Rig filmed? We discuss the Prime Video series, their locations, and the reality of the platform they filmed on.

Working on an oil rig can be a pressure job at the best of times, with limited space, a dangerous environment and cold temperatures. So when the supernatural is put into the mix, it gets a whole lot worse. Prime Video new series in six parts, The platformexplores what it might look like and if the crew can survive.

Audiences wonder where the series was filmed and if any part of it was shot on a real oil rig. In this article, we will discover the filming locations of The platform and if it was indeed filmed on a real rig.

What is The Rig series about?

Set on the fictional Scottish oil rig Kinlock Bravo in the North Sea, a group of workers must return to mainland Scotland when the mysterious fog spreads and supernatural forces take control, cutting off all communication between the crew and the world. outside. Driving the crew to their limits of endurance and testing their loyalty, they will be forced to confront forces beyond their wildest imagination.

The show is made up of six episodes, and they will all be released at the same time on January 6, 2023.

Martin Compton (Course of action) and Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek) lead the cast, alongside Iain Glen (game of thrones). Half of the overall cast is Scottish, along with 70% of the production team.

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Where was The Rig filmed?

The most of The platform was filmed at a studio in Edinburgh, although the series location is somewhere in the North Sea, just off Aberdeen.

FirstStage Studiosthe studio behind The platform, opened in 2021 in a converted wave factory in Leith TV and film producer Bob Last and actor/director Jason Connery. The latter’s father is none other than the late Sean Connery, while his mother is the late actor Diane Cilento. The platform was the first production to shoot at the studio.

Is The Rig filmed on a real rig?

According to Amazon, some of the show’s filming took place on an undisclosed oil rig in Scotland, but it did not give further details. Any filming that took place on an oil rig would probably have been quite limited, as using proper film equipment and bringing actors to an oil rig can be difficult and dangerous.

To work around this, the majority of filming took place on a three-story oil rig built by the art department and located at FirstStage Studios in Edinburgh, Scotland.

What oil rig was The Rig filmed on?

The rigging in The platform was a creation of the art department, and the sea was a creation of the VFX team. Actor Mark Bonnar explained on The Chris Evans show that the platform that was created was “incredible” and “the VFX [team] do the most amazing job. It was very atmospheric.

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Although the platform is fictional and the sea was added later, the actors still had real buckets of water spilled on it. In the same interview, Bonna said he nearly suffered from hypothermia during production.

“[The buckets of water] were warm, they were a bit warm but they got colder as the night progressed.

“I was pre-hypothermic at one point. Nurse Pam would come down and check my temperature from time to time, and just to check on everyone because I was covered in water.

“At one point she said, ‘Oh no, I’m taking you upstairs because we have to put you in the trailer and wrap you in foil. “”

The post Where was The Rig filmed? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.