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Where was The Pale Blue Eye filmed?

January 4, 2023

The post Where was The Pale Blue Eye filmed? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

Where was The Pale Blue Eye filmed? We discuss planned Netflix movie locations and its settings.

pale blue eye is another first for netflix as the mystery film is the first film that Christian Bale did for the streaming platform. The film, written and directed by Scott Cooper, is a gothic thriller that follows the story of a young Edgar Allan Poe who is recruited by a retired detective to help solve a murder mystery at a military academy. The apparent suicide is made all the more gruesome when it’s revealed that the body had its heart removed.

It’s a highly anticipated thriller, and with a cast that includes Gillian Anderson and Harry Melling, it seems to be another highly produced Netflix feature. The film will also have a limited theatrical release ahead of its Netflix premiere, so keep an eye out for a chance to catch it on the big screen as well.

So far, the film has received mixed reviews, with critics and viewers praising the period setting and writing.

What is The Pale Blue Eye about?

In the 1830s, the body of a cadet is found in an apparent suicide on a military base. Although suicide is often encountered in these often harsh institutes, the true horror of the situation becomes clear, as the body has also had its heart ripped out.

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Former detective Augustus Landor, played by Bale, is called out of retirement to investigate the crime from hell, but he doesn’t know what happened here. The widower finds an ally in his investigation, in the form of a young poet who has a mysterious past and two volumes of macabre poetry to his credit. His name is Edgar Allan Poe and the game is definitely on.

Where was The Pale Blue Eye filmed – a breakdown of locations

It appears that the majority of this film was shot on location at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With much of the action taking place at United States Military Academy West Pointthis place was ideal to replace filming.

Having a location that matches the film’s story is a huge bonus for directors who like to pay attention to sets, and it’s often more cost effective to find a location rather than recreating one in a studio.

One of the locations used is the historical monument called The Compass Inn. This well-known local highlight is now a museum and has been on the site since the 1790s and provides an ideal setting for the filming of this period thriller.

The area known as Township of Ligonier village of Laughlintown was also used for filming as the area once again retains that old look which is ideal for the set of this film.

Many buildings were dressed up to help sell the film period, including Benny Havens Lounge. The Benny Haven Group is a leading popular music ensemble in the armed forces, primarily serving the United States Cadet Corps at West Point.

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Moraine State Park was also used in the filmmaking process, particularly the lake views that ran through parts of The Hudson River.

The writer and director also said that the actual military base doesn’t resemble the time period the film is set in, so it was important to try to spot areas that would represent the time period of the script.

Pennsylvania is fortunate to retain the aesthetic of the 1800s, so it was the perfect choice for this production. As is often the case, the region also has tax advantages for filming there. Local governments are always keen to allow filming on location, as it helps boost the local economy.

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The post Where was The Pale Blue Eye filmed? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.