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Where was The Curse of Bridge Hollow filmed?

October 14, 2022

We discuss “where was the Netflix movie The Curse Of Bridge Hollow filmed” and may contain minor plot references.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow is the next Halloween family horror from netflix. It definitely sets the Halloween mood. In case you haven’t heard, it’s about a man and his daughter. And this duo must team up after an ancient and mischievous spirit is on a mission to bring Halloween decorations to life and cause utter madness in their hometown.

Marlon Wayan and Priah Ferguson play father and daughter. So where will their antics take them (or us, the audience) for the duration of the Netflix family horror? Below is a list of the locations we know of so far.

Where was the Netflix movie The Curse Of Bridge Hollow filmed – a breakdown of locations

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

With Wilmington being in a different state than the previous two locations in the list, will this location be part of a flashback? It could be that this location is part of a scene that shows how the evil spirit became just that. Or maybe Marlon and Priah’s characters just start the movie in a different place and have to come back once they learn of the impending danger.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

For the second location on the list, this may be where most of the action will take place. We already know that Marlon and Priah have to return to their hometown. So maybe their hometown will be Atlanta, Georgia. And if so, it wouldn’t be foolish to predict that most Halloween events will happen there.

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Monticello, Georgia, USA

Finally, since this is the final location listed on IMDB, could this mean that this is the setting for the film’s final act? Perhaps in Monticello, Georgia they will return to the source of the spirit and attempt to end its reign of terror. Or maybe by the time the characters reach that location, all the chaos is over. Instead, it may be where the two main characters get a fresh start.

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