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Where was Hustle filmed? Netflix filming locations explored

June 8, 2022

You can never know what to expect from Adam Sandler.

One day you receive Billy Madisonthe following love stuffed with punch. One day you receive Jack and Jillthe following Uncut Gems.

You get the picture. He’s an admirably versatile actor, and while he’s been daring enough to take on projects that are totally against typography, he’s never shied away from his absurd comic roots.

Netflix has been home to many of its films over the years and its latest arrived on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. Directed by Jeremiah Zagar, American sports drama Hustle sees Adam play a former basketball scout in the hope of resuming the career he loved but compromised.

He’s not the only star on board and we’re not just talking about the cast. So where was Hustle filmed?

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excerpt from Hustle trailer, Netflix

Where was Hustle on Netflix filmed?

Adam Sandler’s Stanley Sugarman is looking for players to join the Philadelphia 76ers and most of the film takes place in Philadelphia, so it makes sense that the majority of filming was facilitated in Philadelphia.

Netflix Life reports that the cast and crew began filming in Pennsylvania’s largest city in 2020.

Those familiar with the area will likely catch and recognize a wide range of locations in the state, including Coatesville Area High School and Center City, Philadelphia. Italian Market and Market Street are also part of the final cut, while other footage shifted things to South Philadelphia and Manayunk.

If you’re wondering where they filmed the intro scenes that take place in Spain, you’re right, it’s definitely not Philly. These footage was captured on location in Mallorca.

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More filming locations from Hustle

What would a good sports movie be without a few tries?

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Team Hustle held tryouts for extras at the 76ers Fieldhouse in Wilmington.

Needless to say, the film’s subject matter is essentially woven into Hustle’s very DNA.

There are so many Philadelphia references baked into the movie, so even those unfamiliar with specific locations will remember that this is a Philadelphia movie through and through.

Additionally, Netflix Life adds that Camden, New Jersey makes an appearance in the film.

hustle | Official trailer

BridTV8559Hustle | Official Trailer

Other films shot in Philadelphia

Hustle isn’t the only film project to boast a range of attractive locations in Philadelphia.

Check out a list of other movies filmed there below, as Penn Live points out:

  • Switch off
  • marley and me
  • national treasure
  • Rocky
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • The sixth sense
  • Stock exchanges
  • Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
  • The wrestler

Hustle is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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