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Where was Blockbuster filmed? Netflix series locations explored

November 4, 2022

Video rental stores were everywhere before the convenience of online streaming sites like Netflix took over.

So it’s ironic that Netflix’s latest release is a comedy series based on the last surviving Blockbuster store.

In real life, the last surviving Blockbuster has become an extremely popular tourist destination, but where was the Netflix series filmed and used the actual location of the final store?


Blockbusters | Official trailer | netflix

BridTV11496Blockbuster | Official trailer | Netflix

Blockbuster: release date and plot preview

Blockbuster landed on Netflix on Thursday, November 3, 2022.

From one of the screenwriters behind Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the series tells the story of Timmy Yoon (Randall Park), an analog dream living in a 5G world, who is alarmed to learn that he is now the manager. of the last surviving Bestselling Store.

Hoping to keep his employees, including their longtime crush Eliza (Melissa Fumero), working, Timmy and the gang must fight to stay relevant and focus on what big corporations can’t offer: the human connection.

Randall Park as Timmy in Blockbuster Episode 101Blockbuster © Netflix | Ricardo Hubbs

Where was Blockbuster filmed?

Blockbuster was filmed in and around the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

This means that the Netflix series was not filmed on the location of the actual last surviving Blockbuster store which is in the town of Bend, Oregon in the United States.

Filming for the 10-episode series began on February 28, 2022, and wrapped after two months on May 4.

The central location used to film the series was Manitoba Street Studios in South Vancouver, which houses two sound stages and served as the backdrop for many interior scenes.

Meanwhile, filming also took place around the city of Vancouver itself with reports detailing how a row of stores on Broadway in Kitsilano between Collingwood and Waterloo streets also hosted some scenes.

Vancouver has become incredibly popular with filmmakers in recent years, with many productions dubbed “Hollywood North” and some big-name productions filming there, including Supernatural, House, Lucifer, See, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time as well as the Marvel films Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness and Thor: Love And Thunder.

Randall Park as Timmy, Tyler Alvarez as Carlos, Kamaia Fairburn as Kayla, Melissa Fumero as Eliza, Madeleine Arthur as Hannah in Blockbuster Episode 107Blockbuster © Netflix | Ricardo Hubbs

The Real Last Blockbuster Store

While Netflix may have used the Canadian city of Vancouver as its primary filming location, the last actual Blockbuster store is located south of the Canada-US border in the town of Bend, Oregon.

The story was first opened by Ken and Debbie Tisher as a subsidiary of Pacific Video before being renamed Blockbuster Store in 2000.

In 2014, as online streaming became the dominant force in home entertainment, Blockbuster closed all of its company-owned stores, leaving only 50 franchise stores open.

However, in March 2019, Bend’s store officially became the world’s last surviving Blockbuster.

Since then, the latest Blockbuster has become a popular tourist spot and has around 4,000 members who still rent movies.

In 2020, the store was the subject of a documentary called The Last Blockbuster and now Netflix has come up with its own version of the famous last store.

Melissa Fumero as Eliza, Randall Park as Timmy in BlockbusterBlockbuster © Netflix | Ricardo Hubbs

Blockbuster is available to stream now on Netflix after premiering on November 3, 2022.

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