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Where is Pressure Cooker chef Mike Eckles now?

January 11, 2023

The post Where is Chef Mike Eckles of Pressure Cooker now? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

Where is chef Mike Eckles from the Netflix Cook Show Pressure Cooker now? We discuss the popular leader and what he does.

The Netflix Cooking Show introduced us to incredible chefs, and Mike Eckles is definitely one of them. pressure cooker has an interesting and fresh format, combining more traditional reality TV with cooking competitions. In my ReadySteadyCut review, I said:

From the moment the chefs arrive at the house, with its large, colorful kitchen and well-stocked pantry, it’s clear this isn’t your typical cooking show. There’s no host or celebrity judging panel, just the eleven chefs and the restaurant-style cash machine giving them their challenges. The mix of private chefs and restaurateurs have to live together, which makes their personality and ability to work together almost as important as their cuisine to their ability to move on to the next round. They even share a bedroom, making it impossible to escape the occasional drama.

Not only did Chef Mike consistently create impressive and creative dishes in competitions, but he also had one of the best character arcs of anyone on the show as he learned to work with the other chefs and became an excellent team player.

Who is Netflix’s Pressure Cooker Chef Mike Eckles?

Chef Mike Eckles, 26, attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York, one of the best culinary schools in the world. He has worked at many of Michigan’s top restaurants, including Coach Insignia and Forest. He founded his own company, Adobe Fine Dining, alongside Sous Chef Marcus D’Onofrio.

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At pressure cooker, Mike shared that he was called “Big Mike” at the last restaurant he worked at, despite his small physical size, as he tended to act like the “biggest” person in the room. He also shared that he was very competitive and at his best when working with food.

Did chef Mike Eckles win Pressure Cooker?

Despite starting fourth in the first challenge, Chef Mike managed to work his way through each level of the competition by always cooking great food and being a non-dramatic team player. Chef Mike made it to the final four contestants and had to prepare a monochromatic meal for a panel of food critic tasters. It’s no surprise that his fine cuisine was appreciated by the judges and he was chosen as the winner of the round.

In the final episode, he was tasked with choosing who to take with him to the final competition. He chose to compete with Chef Robbie, sending Chef Sergei and Chef Renee home.

Mike and Robbie each had to prepare a four-course menu that would represent their journey with food, with the help of a sous chef of their choosing. Mike chose Chef Lana, who he had worked with earlier in the competition and who had a candid conversation with him when he was dismayed at being picked last for the first team challenge. This led to a strong bond between the two of them, which helped them work together in this final final challenge.

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Mike, with the help of Lana, prepared a fantastic final meal which was judged, alongside Robbie, by all the chefs who did not make it to the final. Robbie won, but barely, with five votes to Mike’s four.

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Where is Pressure Cooker chef Mike Eckles now?

Although he didn’t win the $100,000 grand prize, Mike certainly wasn’t stopped in his ambitions. He returned to Detroit, Michigan, where he runs Adobe Fine Dining alongside Sous Chef Marcus D’Onofrio. Adobe Gastronomy The website states: “Abode Fine Dining is not a restaurant but we bring the restaurant to your own home. We are private chefs who usually organize private dinners. They serve the entire state of Michigan, creating personalized dining experiences. Watch him compete pressure cooker gives a good idea of ​​what a dinner hosted by Mike would entail and it would definitely be a special experience.

What is Mike Eckles’ Instagram?

Chef Mike is on Instagram at @mikehastheflav. He shares delicious and attractive photos of the food he cooks, as well as updates on his personal life. It’s worth following to keep up to date with his chef career and see where he goes next. You can also follow Adobe Fine Dining on Instagram at @adobefinedining to learn more about what he’s up to with his business.

The post Where is Chef Mike Eckles of Pressure Cooker now? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.