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Where is Kai the hitchhiker now?

January 9, 2023

The post Where is Kai the hitchhiker now? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

Where is Kai the hitchhiker now? We discuss the controversial character ahead of the Netflix documentary True Crime.

There’s an expression that truth is often stranger than fiction, and if you read a lot of reviews on this kind of topic, you’ll probably get tired of seeing it, but honestly, it feels like that expression doesn’t has never been so relevant when delving into the history of Kai the hitchhiker. The story is part of internet culture when a viral video is posted, but as the story of what happens to Kai progresses it gets wilder and wilder, and I’m sure most of you reading this probably already know more than I do. do, so with all that in mind, it’s probably time to ask where is Kai the hitchhiker now?

Is Kai the hitchhiker real?

Yes, it certainly is. Kai went viral when a reporter from a California news station posted a video featuring Kai, real name Caleb Lawrence McGillvary from Alberta, Canada, in a 2013 interview, following a bizarre and disturbing incident in which he was involved.

The initial incident would see Kai involved in a gruesome attack after being picked up by Jett Simmons McBride. McBride would crash his car into a pedestrian and Kai would get out of the vehicle to help the crash victim. A passing woman would try to help in the situation, but McBride would then leave the driver’s seat and attack her. This would lead to Kai saving her by taking a hatchet from his backpack and hitting the man, with the blunt side, on the head. In the viral video, Kai is said to be very animated in his explanation of hitting the attacker on the head, leading to the clip being used in numerous memes.

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The interview, with Kai explaining the confrontation he had, became so popular that it will appear on The Jimmy Kimmel Show in a staged interview in a car. However, it wouldn’t be until three months after that TV appearance that Kai would make headlines again. A Netflix documentary that covers the story so far will be released on January 10, 2023, and if you’re intrigued to see the facts about the story, you should check it out. In the meantime, there is a trailer available to watch right now.

What happened to Kai the hitchhiker?

After the incident, Kai would become an internet celebrity. The Gregory brothers would take snippets of the interview and turn it into a song. The music video that accompanies the song has over 10 million views on YouTube.

Kai would become a well-known and charismatic figure, and his natural charm and enthusiasm would make him a hero to people watching the story. Kai will resume his hitchhiking habits and find himself in New York, where he recounts an encounter he had with a 73-year-old man named Joseph Galfy. Kai says he would be picked up by the New Jersey attorney and go to the man’s home.

However, Galfy would later be found murdered, Kai would be arrested for the crime, and then claim he had been sexually assaulted by Galfy, leading to him attacking her and leaving. Once arrested, Kai would explain what he claims happened and say he didn’t know Galfy was dead.

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Where is Kai the hitchhiker now?

Kai is in jail. He will defend himself in court, but a jury will find him guilty of first degree murder and a judge will sentence him to fifty-seven years in prison. During the cross-examination, Kai was getting aggressive, and at one point he was almost kicked out of court altogether.

Is Kai the hitchhiker still in jail?

Yes, Kai is currently serving his sentence in the trial. He would appeal, but the conviction was upheld in August 2021. Kai has always maintained that there were major miscarriages of justice in the way the case was reported.

In an interview with Interior Edition, he would explain that vital evidence that would prove he was on drugs had been lost and destroyed. He would try to plead self-defense but his appeal would be unsuccessful. The judge, at the end of the trial, called Kai “an explosive powder keg of rage” and then summed up: “Beneath this free spirit, the jury saw another side of you: a cool, calculating, tough to cook. killer.”

The post Where is Kai the hitchhiker now? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.