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What happened to Anthony Green in Ginny And Georgia?

January 7, 2023

After a two-year wait, Ginny And Georgia is back with a second season, and fans can finally get some long-awaited answers. Season 1 showed how difficult life had been for Georgia Miller, revealing many secrets and schemes from her past. Of all the trouble she’s gotten herself into (and gotten out of), one name keeps coming up to haunt her – her ex-husband Anthony Green.

After escaping her abusive father at the age of 14, Georgia hit the road and tried to navigate the trials and tribulations of her independent life. At 17, Georgia finds out she’s pregnant and must figure out what to do next.

**WARNING: Spoilers for Ginny And Georgia season 2 ahead**

Anthony Green (Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll) is Georgia’s first of many husbands. Anthony was first portrayed in a series of flashbacks in Season 1 when it was revealed that Anthony was his landlord, boss, and part-time babysitter for then-little girl Ginny from Georgia.

Despite being a few years older than 17-year-old Georgia, Anthony is clear about his intentions to have a serious romantic relationship. The couple get married and Anthony gains more control over her. Georgia quickly grows tired of the way he treats her as well as his general behavior, which leads her to take drastic measures.

So what happened to Anthony Green in Ginny And Georgia?

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Brianne Howey as Georgia in episode 203 of Ginny & GeorgiaGinny and Georgia © Netflix

What happened to Anthony Green?

Georgia cracks and comes up with a plan to get rid of Anthony. She puts many sleeping pills in her drink, which ultimately results in her death.

A quick appeal to her former biker gang friends to dispose of her body allows Georgia to flee again and start her life over. However, fast forward to the present day and Georgia’s actions quickly catch up with her.

Private investigator Gabriel Cordova harasses her for the death of Kenny, her latest husband. Cordova begins to believe that Georgia is also responsible for Anthony’s disappearance but, lacking evidence and a body, the IP is unable to attribute the crime to him.

In season two, the single mother reassures her daughter Ginny that Anthony’s death was an accident, stating that she merely intended to knock him out for a few hours.

However, her lack of remorse and general dislike of Anthony, coupled with a problematic flashback of her using more than enough pills, suggests otherwise.

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Diesel La Torraca as Austin Miller, Brianne Howey as Georgia in episode 206 of Ginny & GeorgiaGinny and Georgia © Netflix | Amanda Matlovich

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