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What did Abby do to Max in Ginny & Georgia? The Season 2 Feud Explained

January 7, 2023

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Ginny & Georgia Season 2*

Drama is around every corner in the Netflix series Ginny & Georgia, whether it’s in the form of family troubles at home or a classmate feud at school.

The early episodes of Season 2 certainly feature a lot of the latter as the friendship group known as MANG (Maxine, Abby, Norah, and Ginny) find themselves fractured following the events of Season 1.

Both Ginny and Abby were kicked out of the group after getting on Max’s bad side and while it’s clear what Ginny did, it’s not quite as obvious why Abby is being shunned, which brings a lot to wonder exactly what she did.


MANG broken in Ginny & Georgia season 2

It may be a joyous occasion to reunite with Ginny and Georgia on our screens after almost two years, but the show’s characters aren’t having a good time as the new season begins.

As Ginny faces the discovery that her mother is a murderer, she also finds herself kicked out of her friendship group, MANG, after it emerges that she slept with her best friend’s brother, Marcus.

The same fate also befalls Abby as she is also shunned by Max after the events of Season 1, reducing the group to just MN.

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Abby’s exclusion from the group is hard for her to bear, especially when she decorates the group’s hangout for Max’s birthday in hopes of getting back into her good books, only to see Max tearing up the huge “Happy Birthday” banner.

MANG to Ginny & GeorgiaGinny and Georgia © Netflix

What did Abby do to Max in Ginny & Georgia?

Abby is kicked out of the group because she knew Ginny and Marcus were sleeping together and didn’t tell Max – even when Max asked her about it.

Their falling out occurs in the last episode of season 1 when Ginny tries to explain the situation to Max.

During the heated argument, Ginny accidentally throws Abby under the bus as she mistakenly believes Abby told Max about her and Marcus after catching them kissing.

However, in reality, Max had looked on Marcus’ phone and found the photo and the messages Ginny had sent to his brother, confirming their relationship.

Abby is arguably roughed up as she claims she didn’t tell Max as she wanted to keep him from getting hurt, but this is not right with Max and when Season 2 begins they are no longer on good terms. .

Katie Douglas as Abby in Ginny & GeorgiaGinny and Georgia © Netflix

Are Abby and Max reconciling?

Yes, Abby, Max, and the rest of MANG end up doing makeup in Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia.

In the first episodes of the new season, tensions run high between the old friends and there are plenty of passive-aggressive comments and glaring stares shared.

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But luckily, the situation is finally resolved in episode 4 as Max turns 16.

She continues to be downright awful to Ginny and Abby, which eventually causes Norah to abandon her and she reconciles with her other two friends.

This results in a seething Max finally confronting Ginny about what happened and the conversation they have ends their ongoing feud as Ginny reveals her relationship with Marcus has been more than just dating. .

To celebrate their renewed friendship, Ginny throws a party for Max at her house and during the evening, Max apologizes to Abby and admits that she made mistakes herself, allowing MANG to finally be reunited. Hooray!

MANG to Ginny & GeorgiaGinny and Georgia © Netflix

Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia is now available to stream on netflix after its release on January 5, 2023.

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