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Westworld Season 4 Episode 4 Generation Loss Explained – Soulmates, Loops, and the Lies We Tell Each Other

July 18, 2022

Time flies and so does the infection in the new world thanks to Halores in Westworld Season 4 Episode 4.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 4Courtesy of HBO

Soul mates are fun things. They are not always romantic partners. Sometimes they are friends, and other times enemies with whom we are locked in a battle for eternity. If you believe in reincarnation, which at least in Westworld is absolutely a real thing, then you must believe in soul mates. For Maeve, Caleb is her partner and friend. His reason to persist here in the real world. The Man in Black is locked in a love-hate relationship with Halores; he is powerless to escape. Teddy and Dolores are inexplicably bound by an invisible rope that brings them closer together. Everyone has curls defined by who they love and who they hate. Westworld Season 4 Episode 4 explores these relationships and gives us several important twists.

No one stays dead in Westworld. You can’t hold back a good or a bad person. If they’re needed for the narrative, they have a pesky way of coming back for more. At least that seems to be the conclusion of Westworld Season 4 Episode 4. As almost everyone predicted, Lisa Joy and Christopher Nolan once again toyed with multiple timelines and perceptions. Nothing is ever linear about HBO’s flagship show.

Maeve and Caleb is a host

Maeve has lived so many lives. Unfortunately, we now know that our human hero Caleb has it too. The Mobsterworld timeline was only close to death number one for Caleb. Parasites from the fly infected him, and he was shot as he attempted to fend off the programming pumped into his brain through Halores. The two fearless protagonists parted ways after successfully killing the last Rehoboam. When Maeve reached out to Caleb for reassurance and companionship, if only for a moment, it set off a chain of catastrophic events. Halores now knew where she and Caleb were. In all the years after the war, she never stopped plotting or planning.

The parasitic fly and host/human hybrids like Bernard were just the beginning. She didn’t just want to dominate the world. She wanted humans to suffer. Maeve and Caleb tried, but both perished when they went to the desert. Luckily, Maeve hasn’t been overlooked by the only person equipped to help her. It’s been 23 years and Caleb was made into a host and achieved loyalty after 278 attempts. At the same time, C, Stubbs, and Bernard dig up Maeve, preparing for battle in Westworld Season 4 Episode 4. Thank goodness Maeve will be back. Thandiwe Newton is a revelation, and I don’t think I could watch if she was gone for good.


Halores has achieved human dominance, at least in his city. We have no way of knowing if the rest of the world has been populated by flies and tricks, but it doesn’t look good for humanity. She explained to Caleb that it only took a generation to take control. It’s quite sad that we are such lemmings; it only took one generation. Those who live in the desert are immune, having escaped the tower’s mind control. Those who live in the city are doomed to a life of control or mental illness if they are aware of what is going on. The massive tower is invisible to most humans and plays the sounds Maeve and Caleb find in Mobsterworld. It was the breeding ground of Halores, the testing center and how she infected the world.

Thanks to Halores, we know she has a harder time controlling adults. Adult minds are more rigid and therefore less malleable than children. That’s why Christina and Maya have groundbreaking episodes. Both are infected, but neither is completely in the power of Halores. If they make inroads and we know others are seeing the tower, it’s only a matter of time before the rebellion begins again. This is the variable that Halores constantly forgets. Free will always finds a way. It’s what allowed Maeve and Halores to escape the park and allow humans to rebel against their mind control. Binomial distribution theory calculates probability as a function of two variables. That’s how Hale thinks. Bernard, however, takes into account the third variable, free will.

It’s Frankie in Westworld Season 4 Episode 4

As many of us predicted, C is Frankie. She never stopped looking for her father after his death 23 years ago. When she teamed up with Bernard and Stubbs, she inadvertently teamed up with the only people capable of saving the world of Halores. Now that they’ve found Maeve after she was buried in the explosion, all the pieces are in place once again to defeat Halores’ plan. We don’t know how Bernard will wake her up or rebuild her, but he’s had a millennium to figure it out, and I have no doubt it was part of his plan. Hale underestimates Bernard. She also underestimates the power of love. C/Frankie never gave up. Caleb is broken, but you can’t keep a good man even if he’s a host. I just hope C can accept his father as he is, son and all.

Everyone is stuck in their curls in Westworld Season 4 Episode 4. Halores is stuck in rage and revenge. Her Wyatt programming is so strong that she can’t see past her anger. She only knows revenge. Maeve and Caleb are also stuck in a loop. Theirs is to fight and be free. Until all threats are gone, they will always fight for a better world. It’s part of their programming. It’s also in C. She’s genetically predisposed to be a rebel.

Oddly, Christina, who looks like Dolores, and her date, who looks like Teddy, are also on a loop. They are romantic soul mates who will always find each other. Halores and Dolores ultimately disagreed. I wonder if they will also be the loss of Halores. Why do they look like their host counterparts? Is it a strange coincidence? There are no coincidences in Westworld, so for now I’ll be patiently waiting for answers. Find all of our Westworld coverage here.

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