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Vampire Academy Episode 10 Ending Explained – Tatiana’s Plan and What You Need to Know Before Season 2

October 27, 2022

Vampire Academy Episode 10 gave us an exciting conclusion to the Election Royals season which ends on a dark note for Team Lissa.

Tatiana’s plan is a success. At the end of Vampire Academy episode 10, she is queen, Lissa is on the run, and no one will ever be the same. Lives have been lost, others have been seriously injured and a few are on the run. However, things might look very different when Peacock’s hit series inevitably returns for Season 2. Here’s everything you need to know about the season finale and what it means for Season 2.

As Vampire Academy Episode 10 opens, chaos reigns. The Strigoi have launched a full-scale attack now that the wards are down, and they’re chowing down on anything they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, the wards cannot be closed because the stake used to seal them by the monks is missing, and there are no extras lying around. The Royals are loaded onto a bus and evacuated, leaving everyone to fend for themselves. Christian gives up his seat on the bus to go to the Archives. Always the hero, he wants to atone for his parents’ bad deeds in any way possible.

Meanwhile, Mason finally told Rose about Dimitri, who was freed when the Strigoi attacked. After a ton of fighting in multiple locations, including a perilous tunnel clearing that nearly cost Dimitri his life, the whole party finds themselves overrun by Strigoi. With Rose’s mother arriving in time to help Rose and Dimitri, they must hold the line until the wards can be restored. Time is not on their side, with a clock counting down to disaster.

Christian is intelligent and driven and was able to understand that what imbued the stake with power was not blood but the Spirit. Luckily, he and Lissa reunite after her healing trek through the village. She can imbue the stake with Spirit, but she is exhausted after helping many others. With Rose’s help, she is able to fill the stake, and Christian then fights his way through the Strigoi and resets the wards. Unfortunately Mason was badly injured in the fight and many others died. Dimitri and Rose part ways again. He stays behind to help fight Tatiana and make things right while Rose accompanies Lissa, who is now wanted as a suspect in Queen Marina’s murder.

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Lissa also faces heartbreak as she leaves Christian behind despite being married in the eyes of the law. Not only do they care deeply for each other, but politically they support each other. Now that she’s running and he’s a monk, I don’t know how they do it. Even after his return, he may be bound by his religious duty. It will be interesting to watch star-crossed lovers in season 2.

Vampire Academy Episode 10VAMPIRE ACADEMY – “Death Watch” Episode 103 – Pictured: Anita-Joy Uwajeh as Tatiana Vogel – (Photo by: Jose Haro/Peacock)

What is Tatiana’s plan, and is she a Dhampir?

We now know that Tatiana never cared how much power the crown would give her. Dominion rule was never his end. A blink and you might miss it, a clue tells us what she did. As we saw last week, André did not die in the car accident. Tatiana had pumped him (pun intended) before and after the accident for information on how the estate worked. Part of his plan involved the Strigoi, who remain as loyal to him as dragons are to their riders in House of the Dragon. That is, you can use them, but they won’t always do exactly what you want, no matter how much control you think you have.

Andre shrewdly notices Tatiana moving like a Dhampir when Christian’s mother threatens to feed on Andre. At first, the playboy gave information to Tatiana, not realizing what was happening. Later after being abducted, he did so to save Lissa and himself from pain. Tatiana has never cared about governing because she doesn’t want power. She wants to destroy the system. She and Rose share a common bond and don’t even know it. Ironically, those she fights the most have similar thoughts. Lissa doesn’t want to rule from above. She took to the streets to help the Morios after they were left to fend for themselves. Rose is definitely tired of being used and rejected, although Lissa has never treated her that way.

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Lissa and Tatiana think the system is in trouble. Lissa sees that many Royals are selfish and entitled. The Dhampir are compelled to sacrifice themselves daily for their duty. Perhaps if Tatiana wasn’t so ruthless, she might have found allies in this group instead of making enemies of those she doesn’t get killed. With Jesse finally free from his sadistic father, I wonder which side of things he will choose. He’s a troubled young man with a vicious and violent streak, but I still predict a redeeming arc is coming for him. Perhaps Silver can be the catalyst for her change.

In any case, how Tatiana was trained as a Dhampir, we still don’t know. In the books, she was secretly trained by her Guardian Fellowship. She might be mad at his death, assuming he’s dead. Tatiana could also become an amalgamation of several characters. She could be a half-brother to Rose or Lissa, who has been secretly raised as a Royal all this time by ambitious family members. If Rose meets her father next season, that might provide more information.

Vampire Academy Episode 10VAMPIRE ACADEMY – “Near Guard, Far Guard” Episode 105 – Pictured: The Strigoi – (Photo by: Jose Haro/Peacock)

What we know about the Strigoi

They seem to have no more sympathy or emotion from their previous life. Christian and Sonya’s parents have no qualms about destroying the people they once cared about. In the book, they’re gorgeous, smart, and deadly. This serial version makes them more monstrous but just as cruel. Sonya has no trouble killing Victor. Of course, he was essentially responsible for what was happened, but she had a choice. Darkness has overwhelmed her, and now that she’s a Strigoi with Andre, I wonder what will happen to Mia and Lissa. Christian is no longer the only one with members of the Strigoi family. The only thing we know is that alchemists in the human world consider Moroi and Strigoi to be equally dangerous. I can’t wait to see them in season 2.

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Vampire Academy Episode 10 was an exciting episode filled with brave people who became heroes. Unfortunately, he was also filled with grief. Between all the emotional beats, there were some compelling nuggets of information that will no doubt form the plot threads we’ll be drawing out next season. Who is Rose’s father? What happens now that Andre is a Strigoi and how much trouble Tatiana can cause before being ousted are all questions I can’t wait to get answered. Here’s hoping Peacock picks up this gem soon. Find all of our Vampire Academy coverage here and stay tuned for Season 2 news.

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