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Untold Season 2: Race of the Century review – navigate the story

September 6, 2022

Season 2 of Netflix Untold: Race of the Century will be released on Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

Unspeakable tells us the story of the winning race of the century, the America’s Cup, and how an Australian team went to hell and came back to win. At one hour and twenty-two minutes, it’s another intriguing and almost unbelievable story in the Unspeakable series, and I highly recommend watching.

America has held the longest winning streak in history, 132 years, in the world’s most prestigious sailing competition. The New York Yacht Club wasn’t losing, and they were desperate to make sure the cup stayed in the United States, which led to dirty tricks and dirty campaigns.

The America’s Cup was in the top leagues, for the rich and famous, the elite, and something only others could dream of being able to compete in. It’s not just a cut and a reputation that’s at stake, there’s a billion-dollar prize fund that goes with winning. It would definitely take ego, arrogance and determination to take on and beat America for that cup, because I don’t know anyone who would want to lose that amount of money. Then out of the blue, here come these crazy Australians, ready to blow people’s minds.

This documentary has interviews with rambling, savvy and hungry Australians on their journey to dethrone America and bring the cup back underground. There are also interviews with American sailors of the time, sharing their racing experience.

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In order to win and keep this precious cup, they had to win four races. The first to win four races wins the America’s Cup. It only happens every four years. You have to design the boat and build the boat, so the projects require a lot of time, energy and money.

Watching and listening to the Australian team who have been brought together from many different backgrounds, reminiscing about their development team and how they built this ship, is fun to watch, it’s sweet and heartwarming. Their passion for doing something radical, revolutionary and the effort that goes into it is inspiring. Their main invention was a single pin, which gave them an edge and helped them win. As the documentary continues we are caught in the final race between America and Australia, a very intense and biting scene.

There’s footage from when they created the boat, footage from sailing, mixed with modern interviews. The interviews are tight and intimate, but sometimes a bit formal. There is a good rhythm in this documentary, a lot of tension builds as we go through the race of a lifetime. The final scenes of the celebrations that took place after Australia’s victory were incredible. People coming together and celebrating is such a fantastic and heartwarming watch.

I felt sorry for the American sailor because a lot of pressure was put on him to continue the legacy, and he failed, and you can still see the pain in his eyes in his interviews today.

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Watching this, I learned that sailing isn’t just physical, it’s a very mentally taxing sport, and I was shocked at how invested I got into this story. (I’m afraid of the water and would never go on a small boat like this.) Quite a phenomenal story, with colossal effort and determination. While it might feel a little slower than the other documentaries in this series, it’s a great example of story-driven documentary storytelling. I advise you to watch it if you are a fan of sailing, sport, or lifestyle, investigative documentaries.

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