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Unsolved Mysteries season 3, episode 2 recap – “Something in the Sky”

October 18, 2022

This recap of Unsolved Mysteries season 3, episode 2, “Something in the Sky,” contains spoilers.

The smartest thing about “Something in the Sky” is that it anticipates the usual reactions to stories of UFO sightings. In fact, the typical assumption that anyone claiming to have spotted aliens in the sky is a lunatic is repeatedly raised, both to reassure the public that these are accounts by rational people and to explain why certain decisions were not made. ‘t done or were and didn’t end up being taken seriously. This episode of Unsolved mysteries is far from compelling proof of visitation, but it’s a more balanced account than usual.

Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

This supposed sighting, which occurred during Lake Michigan on March 8, 1994, is well known. Hundreds of locals witnessed, and the National Weather Service even confirmed the presence of large unidentified objects over the lake, appearing to separate, move in formation, defy the laws of physics, and then disappear.

It is from the perspective of an NWS meteorologist that most of the episode is framed. This adds a sense of rationality to procedures that is sometimes lacking. There is also a beautiful dramatic line. We start with early sightings and reactions, trace the events of the night, and then catch up with people trying to make sense of it in retrospect, especially given the semi-recent admissions from various US agencies and organizations that there were indeed several observations. aerial phenomena that we are currently unable to explain.

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What was striking about the Lake Michigan incident, and what stands out from “Something in the Sky”, is the consistency of reporting. They all came around the same time, included the same details, and were largely written by people who were not only seemingly rational, but actually reluctant to report what they saw (there even has a note made towards the end that only a fraction of those who must have seen the event actually reported it.)

And then there is also the official support of the NWS. Most of the details are explained to us by Jack Bushong, a meteorologist stationed at the Muskegon County office who was working on the radar the night of the incident. It’s also Jack talking about how being perceived as supporting the existence of UFOs was nonsense to the NWS, which led to Jack leaving the state. When he retired, he remained obsessed with the event, and near the end of the episode we see him meet some of the eyewitnesses, putting together the on-the-ground testimony and objective reporting.

Jack is an interesting narrator because he stays rational even when explaining things that defy explanation. Although he’s developed a crazy reputation over the years, he never gets so excited that you think he’s biased. He appears, on the contrary, as a man who has completely shaken his whole system of beliefs and who has not been able to recover from it since; he presents himself, in other words, as a scientist who has seen UFOs.

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We’ll never know, of course, or at least we probably won’t, but the episode itself implores people who saw something that night to come forward. Maybe they will.

You can stream Unsolved Mysteries season 3, episode 2, “Something in the Sky,” exclusively on Netflix.

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