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Under the Amalfi Sun ending explained – will they stay together?

July 16, 2022

This article is about the Netflix movie Under the Amalfi Sun ending and contains spoilers.

This Italian dramatic comedy catches up with young lovers of Under the sun of Riccione (2020) to explore their relationship a year later. In our opinion:

Camilla (Ludovica Martino) returns to Italy after her school year in Canada. Her boyfriend Vincenzo (Lorenzo Zurzolo) is thrilled to be reunited with her and eager to ask her to move in with him. But being together all summer and dealing with his blindness in person is very different from a long-distance relationship and it’s unclear if they’re up for the challenge.

The film also follows Vinz’s friend Furio (Davide Calgaro) as he tries to change himself to be more attractive to girls with the help of local bad boy Hans (Nicholas Maupas). Cami’s friend Nathalie (Kyshan Wilson), who came with her from Canada, is also struggling with her relationships following a bad experience and new insecurities. Meanwhile, Vincenzo’s mother, Irene (Isabella Ferrari), struggles to let her son have more freedom and fully embrace his relationship with her boyfriend Lucio (Luca Ward).

Netflix movie Under the Amalfi sun ending explained

After much deliberation, Camilla and Vincenzo decide to stay together despite her having received a job offer for a teaching assistant position in Canada. Vincenzo gets a one-way ticket to Canada and plans to go with her, after affirming their love and devotion to each other. The film ends with Camilla teaching him to ride a bicycle, an activity previously deemed too difficult for him.

The sudden arrival of her ex-husband Roberto bewildered Irene and made Lucio wonder if she was fully invested in their relationship. When he leaves, she pursues him with the help of Roberto and tells him that she is attached to their relationship. She may also have a cathartic moment scolding her ex.

Furio realizes that his obsession with Rebecca was misplaced and that she isn’t as wonderful as he thought. Now determined to be himself and try to look past the girls’ appearances, he meets a pretty waitress and begins a romance with her. Nathalie decides to give Hans another chance after realizing that he has also been hurt in the past and that his behavior stems from past betrayal. Everything is neatly packaged with everyone paired up as happy couples.

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