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Two Endings Explained – Will David and Sara Make It Alive?

December 13, 2021

This article is about the end of the Netflix movie Two, so it will contain some major spoilers.

Two follows a pair of strangers who find themselves surgically tied to each other and stranded in a filthy hotel room. Together they are trying to figure out how they got there, because that may be the only way out.

It doesn’t take long for Sara (Marina Gatell) to notice that her time and that of David (Pablo Derqui) imprisoned in this hotel room are frequented by patterns, whether in the design of the wallpaper, the lights. that turn on and off, or just the presence of number two everywhere they look. When she connects the lights with her and David sharing a kiss, she shares her knowledge and the two decide to use that to their advantage.

When their captor gestures to intervene in activities shared by the couple, they blind him with a stroke, and he loses consciousness when he crashes into a bedside table. They pause through an open door but are stopped dead in their tracks by a series of newspaper clippings framed on the hallway walls. Reading the excerpts, David and Sara begin to understand why they both find themselves in this predicament – they were Siamese twins, separated at birth to lead separate lives until their biological father ( the man they had just knocked out cold) found them and decided to reunite them again.

Netflix Movie Of them end explained

Before they can escape, however, they end up confronting the old man. Sara, who managed to retrieve the gun that was taken from her during her kidnapping, attempts to shoot him down, but the three end up fighting. In the commotion, the trigger is pulled and two shots are fired – one hitting the old man and the other hitting David in the leg. Bleeding profusely from the wound, it is clear that if he does not receive medical attention David will die, and as the only one still able to run for help, Sara must free herself from him and escape.

However, as soon as she steps out, it becomes evident that there has never been hope for them both. The place they were held – an abandoned warehouse – is in the middle of nowhere, and probably high up in the mountains to a good extent given the amount of snow on the ground. Still, Sara persists, but soon after, she collapses in the snow, bleeding from her own wound where the stitches were torn. The final shot of the film is a picture-in-picture effect of her and David, presumably after they succumb to both their injuries and the elements, in what one can only assume is a metaphor. of how they could only survive together. .

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