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Truth Be Told Season 3 Review – a mundane true crime with a powerful message

January 20, 2023

The post Truth Be Told Season 3 Review – A Trivial True Crime With A Powerful Message appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We review the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 3, which contains no spoilers.

The true crime genre has become an unstoppable monster in recent years, leading to numerous TV shows, movies, and podcasts. The podcast world, in particular, is overrun with these true crime stories, brought to you by amateur sleuths on the hunt for real murderers. Due to its sudden popularity, it was only a matter of time before these tales turned into TV narrative as well. Everyone knows Hulu’s hit series Only murders in the buildingbut AppleTV+ have its own equivalent, The truth must be toldwhich is back for a third season.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Review and Plot Summary

The show is hosted by Octavia Spencer (hidden numbers), who plays investigative journalist Poppy Scoville. This calming and considerate journalist hosts her own podcast series, where she delves into local mysteries with the help of Detective Aames (David Lyons). In season three, Poppy searches for missing teenager Drea Spivey, whom she knows in person. Unfortunately, another sixteen-year-old girl from Drea’s high school, named Emily Mills, also disappeared at the same time. It would seem that the police department and the media are more interested in finding this upper-class white student than spending a decent amount of time looking for the poorest black girl, Drea.

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Poppy is determined to find these two missing teenagers, while highlighting the racial injustice that plagues the community. She teams up with the unorthodox principal Eva Pierre (Gabrielle Union), whose school was devastated by these disappearances. Together they take a stand, targeting the mayoral campaign and favorite Andrew Finney (Pierre Gallagher). The double investigation reveals shocking revelations in Oakland and a seedy underworld that none of the individuals caught up in this saga are fully prepared for.

These big twists explore powerful, timely themes that are highly relevant in today’s climate. Although sometimes the showrunners’ approach can be blunt or unexpectedly over the top. This unnecessary leaning towards melodrama territory spoils the overall quality of the show, but The truth must be told always carries an important message, tackling issues of racism and sexism in a provocative way.

Is Truth Be Told season 3 any good?

The series is haphazard overall, going from an intense and engrossing crime drama to a bland, poorly paced daytime drama. It’s well done, with special thanks to Gabrielle Union in particular for her impressive performance, but overall lacks serious star power. The visuals can be mediocre at best and the narrative drags occasionally, but it’s the sensational aspects of the show that do the most damage.

Interesting plot beats are ruined by wacky twists and a tendency to push shock tactics to keep viewers engaged. Instead of focusing on the emotional toll of all that drama, the creatives are taking the easier, more theatrical route. Which doesn’t match Poppy’s soothing influence or the series’ earlier, more serious approach. The truth must be told constantly contradicts itself in tone and storytelling, which upsets a promising real crime series in the end.

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What did you think of Truth Be Told season 3? Comments below.

The post Truth Be Told Season 3 Review – A Trivial True Crime With A Powerful Message appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.