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Truth Be Told season 3 episode 1 recap – why did Drea Spivey disappear?

January 20, 2023

Truth Be Told season 3 episode 1 recap – why did Drea Spivey disappear? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap episode 1 of the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 3, “Down to the Sweet Bird’s Throat,” which contains spoilers.

Only murders in the building is perhaps the most popular mystery series about crime-solving podcasters, but AppleTV+ has its own equivalent in The truth must be told. The Apple Original drama series, starring Octavia Spencer as a journalist Parnell Poppy, returns for a third outing, and this season Poppy investigates multiple disappearances of teenage girls in the Oakland area. The first episode, titled “Unto the Sweet Bird’s Throat” (a line from Shakespeare), features the latest case.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Two students from Oak Creek High School disappeared within days of each other. Girls, Emily Mills and Drea Spivey Both are sixteen years old, but only one gets all the media coverage and, unfairly, almost all the police attention. White girl Emily is the one the media and police have chosen to focus on, while black girl Drea is sidelined. This blatant racism will not resist Poppy, who decides to fight against this prejudice.

Poppy is also related to the missing teenager in another, more personal way. Drea has already disappeared. She disappeared a year ago and Poppy befriended Drea’s mother, Charized during this period of time. Fortunately, they found the teenager without any help from the police or the media. Poppy interviewed the teenager about the incident, collecting over ten hours of material. Poppy comments on how Charise has to relive the nightmare once more, with Drea disappearing for the second time. It’s a heartbreaking setup, though this recurrence makes for an attractive hook.

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The podcaster refers to this recorded material to search for apparent clues. Drea talks about how she got addicted to drugs, but she’s sober now. She mentions a new drug called High Hunter, which she recently turned down. poppy tours Detective Aames, who is working on the Emily Mills case. She asks Aames if he’s heard of a drug called High Hunter. Aames thinks it’s not a drug, but maybe a dealer or a trap. As they chat privately, the mayoral candidate Andrew Finney enters the compound, a man who is clearly using the Emily case to bolster his campaign.

As Poppy digs deeper into the case, we are introduced to a new character called First Eva Pierre (Gabrielle Union). This unorthodox principal is seen discussing student safety and harassing a student in front of all the parents to point out how impressionable young people really are. The next day, the school holds an event promoting the importance of registering to vote. Technology entrepreneurs Lee and Cybil Hackman explain their latest app that allows individuals to vote and submit questions to candidates.

At this event, candidates have a platform on which to promote themselves. As Andrew Finney speaks, Poppy and his gang impetuously interrupt the candidate’s speech with their own demonstration. Holding signs with pictures of the other missing teenagers, including Drea, Poppy takes a stand. She explains how Drea’s search team received very little support from the police and how the media didn’t mention her at all. Poppy wants to know why they were ignored. Finney says that’s a good point, although now is neither the time nor the place for such controversy. This comment enrages Principal Eva, who stands up and begins a chant, shouting “Say her name,” which is repeated over and over.

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Poppy is impressed by this controversial approach and meets Eva after. The podcaster and the director get to know each other and then walk around the school grounds. Here they meet one of Drea’s friends, Tanya. Poppy interrogates the girl, asking her about High Hunter and any other suspicious activity. Tanya holds back but eventually reveals that Drea was involved with an older man and mentioned going to his happy place. Using the interview material, Poppy is aware that Drea’s happy place was a Japanese garden. Poppy and Eva immediately head over there to hand out flyers. Poppy worries that Drea is involved in sex trafficking.

The ending explained

Out of the blue, Drea phones Poppy, perhaps as a subtle plea for help. Drea orders Poppy to stop looking for her, she’s fine. Poppy asks questions and determines that Drea owes an older man money and she must repay it with sexual favors. Poppy’s worst fears have come true, Drea is involved in sex trafficking. The podcaster breaks the bad news to Charise and asks if she can discuss the issues on her own show. Charise is willing to allow the painful truth to become public if it will help bring her daughter back to her.

Tensions rise between Poppy and her podcast producer Noa, who thinks their marketing company, Boisterous, has become too sexualized and salacious. She wants nothing more to do with them and announces that this podcast will be her last. Poppy asks Noa to trust her, but she’s had enough. During the podcast, Poppy talks about Drea being sex trafficked, explaining how this crime has infiltrated our local schools and community. It’s become an epidemic that Poppy can’t cure, but she hopes to at least expose it more.

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While Poppy is recording her podcast episode, Eva takes matters into her own hands and meets some prostitutes in the area. Poppy ends the podcast and bids farewell to Noa. Then Aames calls with horrible news, Drea has been found dead in a motel. Poppy meets the detective at the crime scene. He informs her that the motel is nicknamed High Hunter – it can’t just be a coincidence. Poppy ponders the idea that someone wanted to shut Drea up, then she spots Eva leaving one of the motel rooms under suspicious circumstances.

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Truth Be Told season 3 episode 1 recap – why did Drea Spivey disappear? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.