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Trolley season 1 episode 8 recap – what does Hye-joo find?

January 12, 2023

The Trolley season 1 episode 8 recap – what does Hye-joo find? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama Trolley Season 1 Episode 8 series, which contains spoilers.

Mid Road, Cart decided to leave viewers with a lot of questions. The shocking ending further expands the possibilities for the rest of the season, and it seems, in particular, that the odds will be against Hye-joo (Kim Hyun-joo). Then again, she could still find solace in Ki-young (Ki Tae-young).

Trolley season 1 episode 8 recap

After reflecting on his past rejection of Ki-young, perhaps doing as a favor to Seung-hee (she loved him back in school days), Hye-joo meets him in the present. It’s a delicate and private encounter, centered around a request for the book restorer to apologize to Yoosin’s family for what happened to Seung-ho. Somewhere else, Soo Bin honors Hye-joo’s request by avoiding her room when she vacuums.

Despite wanting to “take the first step,” knowing that Seung-hee might make a case out of his wife’s past, Joong-do fears Hye-joo’s case will be compared to at Seung-kyu. Nonetheless, the MP seems to be hinting that he will use the internet to his advantage, given that people “jump on it” when they throw a bone. Meanwhile, Ki-young returns home, looking at himself in the mirror as he recalls how he realized Hye-joo was telling the truth about Seung-ho’s assault, while asking him to apologize. with Seung-hee’s injured family.

In the pouring rain, Hye-joo hugs Soo-bin, who has come out in harsh conditions to check the dehumidifier in the book restorer’s workshop. “Stay safe, Soo-bin. You and your baby,” Hye-joo adds tearfully, wanting the pregnant youngster to avoid repeating her actions, no matter how selfless, so she can protect her unborn child. However, as we see, the emotional Soo-bin actually had a miscarriage.

But Jin Seok try to warn Joong-do he will be unable to pass his proposed amendment which would allow investigations to continue after the death of sex crime suspects (due to legal issues regarding no one being able to be prosecuted in the event of death), the MP says he “welcomes” disputes. “This controversy will arouse people’s interest and make the impossible possible,” says the politician, convinced that he can achieve his goals with the help of public sentiment. That, and he wants Jin-seok to support his proposed amendment as well, as the leader of the party.

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Next, Yeo-jin and Woo Jae drinking together, reminiscing about how the latter hasn’t changed since his days as a reporter trying to cover the tragic appeal of the restaurateur’s filicide case and discussing lightheartedly how the former reporter regrets joining the National Assembly because of its temporary nature. “I started thinking I could bet my life on him,” Woo-jae says of Joong-do here, noting he wants to “go deeper” with the man he gave up journalism for. almost eight years ago. Interestingly, it’s clear that the assembly’s right-hand man also once had ambitions to change the world with his work.

Strangely, Yeo-jin looks crestfallen by Woo-jae’s faith in Joong-do, and his statement that he will bet on the assembly “the best decision of my life”, so he goes back on his word. that she had something to say to the former reporter. Meanwhile, Yoon-seo weighs the various options for the trolley dilemma with her mother.

The next day, Hye-joo tends to Gwi-soon, who was discharged from the hospital, and wonders how she can thank the kindness of the book restorer. Meanwhile, soon-hong asks his assistant to dig a little deeper Ji-hoonhoping to find something that will keep Joong-do away from Yoo-sin’s real estate speculation.

As Ki-young asks Seung-hee to avoid resurfacing Seung-ho’s case amid Yoo-sin’s “obsession” with the land, wanting to avoid further controversy (potential retaliation as well) , Soo-bin asks Hye-joo about her work. Here, the young girl ends up asking for her photo to be taken, visibly touched by the story of the restorer who goes to such lengths with photos for damaged books because it shows the love we have for them.

Following a request to try and collect photos of Ji-hoon, Hye-joo gets candid with Soo-bin. She admits she would like to see the youngster’s baby, given that it is also her son’s, but realizes that “everyone has their own story and situation, and they end up making the best choice possible” . So, Hye-joo concludes by saying that she just wants Soo-bin to make the wisest decision for herself. This hits the young girl, who is obviously in shock over her currently undisclosed miscarriage, so she abruptly leaves for lunch.

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Later, Hye-joo wonders if she should apologize to Yoo-sin’s family, replaying Ki-young’s words about her understanding of “the pain of losing a family member.” Meanwhile, Yoon-seo tells a friend that she would “humiliate” her father publicly if she found out he was having an affair, without reading that this request for advice was about her classmate’s reality.

As Joong-do goes on the news to discuss Seung-kyu’s case, Soo-bin goes to the clinic due to abdominal pain. Elsewhere, Seung-hee worries about the medication his mother is taking and is discouraged by Seong-chang’s reluctance to help him.

That night, Hye-joo excuses herself from dinner, but only to have a breakdown. So she opens up to Yeo-jin, revealing everything she went through with Seung-ho, including her subsequent suicide. In the background, a tearful Soo-bin listens.

Continuing, Yeo-jin tells Hye-joo not to apologize to Yoo-sin, partly because it can be used as a blackmail tool against Joong-do, but mostly because the curator of the book has done nothing wrong. “You show remorse for what happened. That’s all, ”adds the restaurateur, reassuring her close friend that what happened was an accident.

As Hye-joo is shocked to learn that her husband spoke about Gwi-soon’s suicide attempt on the news, Seung-hee reads the cover on her phone. Both parties are ultimately shocked by the online comments regarding the story, which are harsh on Seung-kyu and go so far as to divulge his parents’ restaurant, but it’s the book restorer who takes the first step. When Joong-do returns home, Hye-joo expresses concern about what the deputy is doing, concerned about the mental health of everyone involved.

Even when Joong-do shares that Gwi-soon gave him permission to use his story, Hye-joo is upset, feeling sympathy for Seung-kyu’s parents. “They are still there living in pain,” says the book restorer, admittedly afraid that another “tragedy” may occur. As such, Hye-joo asks her husband to stop using the media to create bigger problems. Yet Joong-do rejects that call, apologetically but steadfast in his stance that “it’s only going to get worse until the whole country finds out.”

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After Joong-do tells his wife that he needs hateful comments to shape public opinion that will help him pass his amendment, he asks for her support. Although Hye-joo hesitates, doesn’t kiss her husband or respond to his assertion that “collateral damage is inevitable for the greater good.”

The next day, Soo-bin hesitates as she prepares to say something to Hye-joo, leaving the curator of the book to go to work instead. Meanwhile, Yeo-jin deals with the burden of knowing that their guest had a miscarriage, looking guilty that she hasn’t told her close friend about it yet. Following this, Soo-bin exits the house as well, and we see a mysterious hand enter the mailbox, pulling out a package.

The ending explained

Nevertheless, when Hye-joo returns, she retrieves the package with no problem, seeing pictures of her son inside. Here, she decides to send some of the photos to Ji-hoon’s maternal grandmother, so the curator heads to Joong-do’s office to get the necessary large envelopes. In doing so, however, Hye-joo stumbles upon his son’s missing phone, which contains threatening messages about a suicide Ji-hoon would commit if Soo-bin broke up with him.

Continuing, with Joong-do blaming Ji-hoon’s death on “that child”, Soo-bin looks at the congregation’s business card, which she defaced with a heart, and Hye-joo panics, the episode ends shockingly.

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The Trolley season 1 episode 8 recap – what does Hye-joo find? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.