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Trolley season 1 episode 7 recap – how is Joong-do dealing with his wife’s past?

January 10, 2023

The post Trolley Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – how is Joong-do dealing with his wife’s past? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama Trolley Season 1 Episode 7 series, which contains spoilers.

Although today’s ending wasn’t as shocking as some others, Cart Season 1 Episode 7 still did a great job of keeping the excitement level up. With Ki-young (Ki Tae-young) now a potential ally for Hye-joo (Kim Hyun-joo) and Joong-do (Park Hee soon) increasingly relentless in mixing his political goals with his personal life, there are plenty of directions for this show. Add to this the ever-present threat of Seung-hee (Ryu Hyun-kyung) and Soo Bin (Jung Soo Bin), and there is also an element of unpredictability.

Trolley season 1 episode 7 recap

Picking up where we left off, we get some important context about where the previous installment ended. First, that Seung-hee freaked out that his mother was with Ki-young, so he demanded that her husband be sent back to work before Hye-joo’s apology (the driving range owner, however, took aware of what was going on). Then, Joong-do found out earlier that his wife was involved in Seung-ho’s suicide case, hence why he wanted answers.

Going forward, Joong-do persists in trying to get into Seung-hee’s house. Not only does he frantically ring the doorbell, demanding to be let inside, but he also crashes his car to cause a commotion outside. Eventually, the Assemblyman gets access and he tries to take Hye-joo away, believing she has nothing to apologize for. Naturally, Seung-hee takes issue, saying that Joong-do can sympathize with his wife because he too killed someone, but this confrontation actually seems to give the book curator a wave of confidence.

As such, Hye-joo explains herself to Seung-hee. “I had no idea Seung-ho would do such a thing. It was an accident no one wanted,” she says, before recalling how her young self panicked she “would live the rest of my life as a liar” when the investigation into the alleged sexual assault was closed. abruptly closed due to Seung-ho’s suicide. . Nonetheless, Seung-hee isn’t in the mood for compassion, so she denies her former friend the chance to call herself a victim too, instead wanting the book curator to admit to the world that she’s a murderer who has ” ruin”. Yoosin’s family.

However, Hye-joo refuses to do so, despite her willingness to apologize to Yoo-sin, as she knows she didn’t tell any falsehood about what Seung-ho did to her. Thus, Seung-hee gets angry, firing the book restorer without giving her the chance to apologize. “Don’t blame me for the things I’m doing from now on,” Yoo-sin’s injured daughter adds. But that’s not quite the end of Seung-hee’s verbal attack, as even when she gets a slap in the face for claiming that Hye-joo can’t sympathize with her family because the late Ji-hoon n Wasn’t his biological son, the book restorer’s bitter former friend asks aloud why Seung-ho was put to death.

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Fortunately, Joong-do is there to break things up. First, he sternly demands that his wife be referred to as Kim Hye-joo, not Kim Jae-eun. Following this, the assembly tells Seung-hee that she is free to do as she pleases, but will have to pay if she “mistreats” Hye-joo again.

As Joong-do tells his wife to “forget everything” when they leave, Ki-young arrives at the house alongside Yoo-sin, where they ask Seung-hee about the wrecked car outside. However, no proper response is given, only an admission that the vehicle belongs to Hye-joo – who was brought to Youngsan to apologize – when the driving range owner checks on his wife’s health.

After selling a handbag, Soo-bin meets a young client of Yeo-jin’s who she has been unnecessarily rude to. The pregnant girl buys the young girl a lip balm, perhaps as a tacit apology, but cynically demands that the child not trust the usually amiable restaurateur, as “good deeds do not make she a good person”. Elsewhere, Woo-jae asks that he sent the contents of Hye-joo’s broken car and thinks back to his subtle warning to Ki-young that Joong-do’s team has a lot of information about Yoo’s real estate speculation. -sin to counteract any unrest. Seung-ho’s suicide and sexual assault case.

Interesting way, Woo Jae guest Young-su, the reporter who covered Seung-kyu’s revenge p**n upload, in his car for a chat, and it’s revealed that he was actually the person who provided the “scoop”, he didn’t. just hadn’t expected this to be discussed so soon. Meanwhile, Jin Seok agrees to eat with Soon-hong “when the time is right”, saying “a common goal is more important than who you sit with”.

As Soon-hong says to his driver, Hyung-tae, he “couldn’t go home empty-handed” given that Yoo-sin now regularly complains to his wife about his land issues, he gets a call from Seung-hee. She obviously wants to make a scene about Hye-joo, but she’s warned that she shouldn’t act recklessly unless she’s prepared for Joong-do to respond. Still, there are signs that Soon-hong will help his niece, as evidenced by his hint of Seung-hee’s interest in the legal profession in Hyeong-tae.

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Afterwards, Joong-do assures his wife that she did the right thing by not making a fake apology to Yoo-sin, not wanting her to feel bad for probably “complicating” her next chances at the elections, or that she no longer answers Seung-hee’s calls. Touched by her husband’s comfort in allowing him to completely detach from his past, as well as his confidence in her, the Book Conservator cries, clearly believing the deputy is genuine when he declares that he will fix everything. Yet, when Hye-joo properly arrives home, she is struck by an ominous letter addressed to Joong-do.

After a frantic search, Gwi-soon is found at her workplace, fortunately conscious following a suicide attempt. Hye-joo is particularly discouraged by this situation (it has parallels to the conflicts she faced with Seung-ho), re-reading the elder’s note which showed the torment she suffered when her granddaughter was supposedly desiring Seung-kyu’s money and emphasized the idea that she wanted his self-inflicted death to bring media coverage of the truth. “Please help me so that my death will not be in vain,” Gwi-soon had carefully written to Joong-do.

As Hye-joo admits to Joong-do that she never wanted Seung-ho to die, but felt resentment towards him because it robbed her of the ability to defend herself, the restorer of books wonders why history is repeating itself now. The MP is resolute here, responding by saying he will find a way to ensure that “no one will have to deal with injustice anymore”.

Later, Joong-do is prickly against Soo-bin. “If you mess with her (Hye-joo) or hurt her in any way, you won’t be able to bear the consequences,” he exclaims bluntly despite the pregnant youngster asking only if the curator of the book is well. Simultaneously, Ki-young finds himself unable to talk to Seung-hee. Next, we see a quick scene showing the unenviable positions the set finds itself in.

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As Yoo-sin’s guilt drives Seung-hee to hurriedly send in some field photos, with the real estate mogul more interested in it than his “kid” daughter, Ki-young thinks back to three years ago. . Here it is shown that his wife chose to study abroad in Canada to avoid her mother, but left him behind in Korea so Yoo-sin would still have company. Elsewhere, Soo-bin rushes to stop Hye-joo from entering her room, obviously worried that the phone she’s been hiding will be found. Then, shockingly, the scene ends with the worried young pregnant getting a call from the enigmatic “JD.”

After seeing Hye-joo ask Gwi-soon to “focus on getting better” and Joong-do being diagnosed with a broken hairline from his car accident, we moved on to Ki-young. He stares at the book restorer’s number, obviously wondering if he should call. Meanwhile, Seung-hee discovers that Seung-kyu’s mother attempted suicide and prepares to use it against Joong-do, with the help of her friend Seong-chang.

The ending explained

Continuing, Joong-do offers his team an amendment to the Sex Crimes Act that would allow investigations to continue “retaining the prosecution’s right to prosecute even where the suspect has died by suicide or otherwise.” His aides are not optimistic given similar proposals were rejected last season, although the deputy is determined to pursue his ambitions, as is Woo-jae. “I will work with you to convince the public and win their support,” Joong-do said, believing he could pass this amendment. Elsewhere, Ki-young encounters Hye-joo, with a quick flashback showing that he once confessed his feelings to her.

Then, to end the episode, Joong-do prepares to tell his team something about Hye-joo, presumably about his involvement with Seung-hee’s family.

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The post Trolley Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – how is Joong-do dealing with his wife’s past? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.