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Trolley season 1 episode 6 recap – Why doesn’t Seung-hee like Hye-joo?

January 4, 2023

The post Trolley Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – why doesn’t Seung-hee like Hye-joo? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama Trolley Season 1 Episode 6 series, which contains spoilers.

Not only Cart maintaining a consistent level of quality, but it also manages to inject its episodes with seemingly endless intensity. Gripping from minute one, some moments in this episode can be subtle, but the big moments felt really important.

Trolley season 1 episode 6 recap

At the end of his seminar on Countermeasures to Digital Sex Crimes, Joong-do encourages Jin Seok to get MP Ko resign from office, so he can take responsibility for his wife’s hit-and-run. By an unfortunate coincidence, however, it is Hye-joo‘s husband who soon bears the brunt of his colleague’s words, thanks to their vocal opinions on how hard it is to trust a politician who cannot discipline troublesome children. Nevertheless, Jin-seok defends Joong-do, saying that a “truly capable politician should be able to turn crisis into opportunity.”

Then we come to Ilhwadang, where Joong-do had agreed to meet Ki-young for a meal. There he falls by chance Seung-heebut before any pleasantries can be exchanged, Hye-joo shows up at the restaurant’s entrance.

As Ki-young informs Seung-hee that Joong-do is the politician who raised the issue of Yoosin’s purchases of land, his wife verifies that he did not know before that the deputy was the husband of Jae-eun. What follows is an extremely taught meal, punctuated by constantly asking questions about Hye-joo’s life. Still, Seung-hee’s comments about the most “excruciating” pain anyone can feel is the loss of a family member are particularly striking, with those statements particularly shaking the book restorer.

While Soo Bin wonder how Yoon Seo can know that his father is fair, Seung-hee takes Hye-joo to the bathroom. Unprompted, the restaurateur tries to come up with excuses, explaining that she doesn’t involve herself in Joong-do’s work and therefore was unaware of his acquaintance with Ki-young. But Seung-hee isn’t interested, instead wondering if Hye-joo is only worried that things will get worse for the coven if his secret gets out.

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Continuing, Seung-hee expresses his confusion over Hye-joo being able to marry Joong-do so quickly after the incident with Seung-ho. “If I had been through something bad enough to report to the police, I wouldn’t have been able to date or get married for at least ten years,” she adds. Afterwards, Seung-hee tells Hye-joo that she now wants to make things fair, annoyed that the restaurateur seems to be living a “happy life” when hers has been ruined. As such, the assemblywoman is tasked with coming to Youngsan tomorrow and apologizing to Yoo-sin, or risk having her past with Seung-ho publicly exposed.

In a flashback, it is first established how close Seung-hee was to Hye-joo. The two regularly ate together, the latter being a source of comfort for her friend, who was often overlooked by her mother for the high-achieving Seung-ho. Following this, it is shown how this relationship quickly changed, due to the story planted in Seung-hee’s head that Hye-joo framed his brother for the tuition money, leading to him committing suicide. .

After Ki-young promises Joong-do that he will respect Hye-joo’s lack of privacy, he questions his wife’s intentions to clear his brother’s name. “She’s living the life of a deputy’s wife after killing someone with her lies,” Seung-hee says of her nemesis, adamant she should do something to make sure her own family doesn’t. “Live more in misery”. Still, Ki-young seems to doubt that Hye-joo actually framed Seung-ho, despite her partner’s insistence that she do so. Interestingly, a later flashback shows us that it was the cynical Yoo-sin who created this elaborately doctored story of the orphan using the high achiever for a scholarship, a tale that was so extravagant that it brought Seung-hee to believe his brother’s innocence.

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When an upset Hye-joo asks Joong-do if he would “still call” Seung-kyu on the news if he knew what would happen, the congregation wonders if his wife regrets marrying a politician. The restaurateur’s inner voice admits she does, though she out loud assures her husband otherwise, accepting that she was glad she had fallen in love with him at some point.

As Soo-bin lashes out at Joong-do, calling him “one to talk to” when he asks her if she can handle her responsibilities, the deputy prepares to go to Sangju, where he will visit the Ji-hoon’s mother’s family. Later, the pregnant young woman becomes frustrated and frantically doodles on her “JD” tattoo.

As Joong-do discovers that it was Seung-kyu’s father who vandalized his car with posters calling him a murderer, Hye-joo takes it upon himself to clean up. Elsewhere, Seung-hee tries to get his mother to guarantee that she’ll be home by 4 p.m. so the real estate investor can be there for the curator’s next apology.

In his office, Joong-do recounts Woo Jae about his concerns about his wife’s nervous behavior in front of Seung-hee, in addition to how “oddly uncomfortable” she was around Ki-young. Afterwards, he entrusts his right-hand man with the task of looking into his concerns, wanting to know more about his wife’s guarded history. “It’s a protective measure against what might happen,” Joong-do says to justify his sudden snooping. Meanwhile, Hye-joo misses the chance to apologize to Soo-bin.

Afterwards, Soo-bin goes to a women’s clinic, hoping to get an appointment for an induced abortion. On leaving, she sees Yeo-jin, which is interested in the girl’s potential reason for being where she was. Naturally, Soo-bin is prickly because of this, but her attitude ends up getting her in hot water, given that she’s basically telling the restaurant owner that she doesn’t care about his empathy. Meanwhile, a stressed Hye-joo ends up imagining herself being labeled a murderer on a poster, in the same vein as her husband.

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At the Youngsan Children’s Home, Woo-jae – posing as Hye-joo’s future husband – goes inside, looking for any information he can find about Joong-do’s wife’s early life. Elsewhere, Gwi-soon finds out through the news that Seung-kyu actually downloaded the revenge p**n, so she calls the curator of the book in an upset panic. It’s also news for Hye-joo, however, she has to find out what happened through Woo-jae.

As Woo-jae manages to convince a nun to start talking about Hye-joo’s story, the book restorer goes to Youngsan, despite her disappointment at not being able to reach Gwi-soon to inform her of the efforts. . made to remove p**n revenge video. Elsewhere, Joong-do speaks candidly with Ji-hoon’s grandfather, who wants to sever ties with the deputy now that his troublemaking grandson has died.

The ending explained

Alone with Hye-joo, Seung-hee talks about her house being “the same as it was 20 years ago”, which upsets the curator. “Go wash your face. And wipe away your tears. Don’t you dare try to make my mom feel sorry for you,” Seung-hee says in response to his enemy’s distress before none other than Joong-do shows up. “Open the door right now,” the deputy says angrily, desperate to get into the house where his wife is at the end of the episode.

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The post Trolley Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – why doesn’t Seung-hee like Hye-joo? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.