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Trolley season 1 episode 5 recap – Why is Hye-joo called a murderer?

January 3, 2023

The post Trolley Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – why is Hye-joo called a murderer? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama Trolley Season 1 Episode 5 series, which contains spoilers.

Although each episode of Cart ends with a form of teaser for the viewer, today’s might have been the best of the season so far. Seeing Joong-do (Park Hee soon) next to Seung-hee (Ryu Hyun-kyung) and Ki-young (Ki Tae-young) was a great twist and brings with it excitement as to how the politician will find himself embroiled in this game. Add to that the near ubiquitous Soo Bin (Jung Soo Bin), which will no doubt cause more trouble itself soon, and things are really heating up here.

Trolley season 1 episode 5 recap

We begin with a flashback to 20 years ago, which shows us the first time Hye-joo’s life was “turned upside down” in one day. It was when the panicked student (then known as Kim Jae-eun) had fled from an initially helpful policeman who noticed blood on his clothes, an act linked to his later name change.

In the present, Seung-hee asks the agitated Hye-joo how she’s doing and belatedly congratulates her on marrying a deputy. There’s a tense air present, rendered more awkwardly when the book’s curator lies about Soo-bin’s appearance, unconvincingly labeling the confused youngster “just a kid I know.” Afterwards, Hye-joo nervously asks to speak with Seung-hee another time. So the two exchange numbers, the latter swears to call, and a worried embrace is shared. “I missed you, my friend,” Seung-hee oddly adds before she comes out.

As Hye-joo cancels his visit plans Ji-hoon’s columbarium alongside Soo-bin, wanting to rest to ease his feeling of “unease”, Joong-do talks with Ki-young. It’s not quite the reunion the MP had been hoping for as the owner of the driving range demands the politician stop what he’s doing, claiming his mother-in-law has committed no offence. Additionally, Ki-young seems struck by Joong-do’s claim that his wife has “good memories” of Youngsan.

After Joong-do hears at Seung-kyu mother swallowed pills (luckily her condition was not life threatening), he worries why she did it. Woo-jae explains that it could be due to heartbreak or because of the “hateful” comments online about the deceased medical student, but asks the congregation not to blame themselves.

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However, Joong-do can’t help but think of Ji-hoon, reflecting on how his son must have also received hate in the comment sections and how he did what most parents do. would not do by asking that her now deceased child be “punished”. strictly by law.

Again, Woo Jae advances a certain logic, reminding the politician that public sentiment now prohibits criminals from making themselves understood. “What I mean by that is that you should keep your pity, or any form of personal feelings towards Ji-hoon or Seung-kyu’s mother, at home,” he adds, wanting that Joong-do is professionally focused on the upcoming elections, and only expresses the aforementioned emotions around Hye-joo.

As Joong-do ponders what cause of death would be most favorable for a parent losing their child, Ki-young reflects on what he’s been told regarding Hye-joo’s alleged fond memories of Youngsan, recalling how his wife had in fact declared the curator “was fleeing from his crimes. Elsewhere, Seung-hee scrolls through his foe’s “happy” photos, then sends him a message.

Panicked, Hye-joo immediately reads these texts, which contain comments about how Joong-do “also killed someone”, in addition to questions about whether the assembly knows about his past. Following this, Seung-hee calls, wanting to talk more face-to-face with Youngsan’s curator.

Despite feeling guilty about going shopping with Yoo-shin, who had unnecessarily called her “heartless”, Seung-hee stays positive when Ki-young arrives home, telling her that “things will get better soon”. Simultaneously, Soo-bin brings porridge to Hye-joo’s room, only to find himself scolded for touching the anxious curator’s phone without his consent.

Ignoring the advice he received, Joong-do visits Seung-kyu’s mother in the hospital. Here, the medical student’s father physically abuses the deputy, exclaiming that the politician killed his son and brandishing any sincerity as an “act” before security intervenes. In the background, Woo-jae quietly records the one-sided altercation. Meanwhile, Soo-bin searches for her lip balm at Hye-joo’s studio, but finds herself curiously obsessed with Youngsan’s sesame oil.

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After observing the silent nighttime reflections of Hye-joo, Joong-do, Ki-young, and Seung-hee, we move on to the next morning. There, the restaurateur is easily spooked, dropping vegetable juice when greeted by her husband. In a similar vein, Seung-hee looks anxious alongside her strict mother.

Continuing, Hye-joo yells at Soo-bin again, this time for entering her studio without permission. But the girl hits back this time, apologizing with a notable reference to being “just a kid” which the restaurateur knows and pointing out that she only went snooping because the promise to find her lip balm was not keeping. Afterwards, Soo-bin asks if the sesame oil should be put back or thrown away. In the end, it is given to Yeo-jin, who in time explains his business model of free food for the underprivileged to the pregnant youngster when she eats at his restaurant. Like a nugget, Soo-bin is seen in this scene laughing at a comment fact that Joong-do has to take after his mother.

In her studio, Hye-joo smashes a bottle of red paint, reminding her of when 20 years ago she was nervously cleaning blood from her hands. Elsewhere, Joong-do is adamant that he will try to push through his amendment to the Sex Crimes Bill before the end of his term, even though his aides believe it would be difficult unless a “case major causes a great public outcry”. had to happen.

In the middle of a call to Yeo-jin about sesame oil, Hye-joo learns that the wife of Ko Ji-seop (Parti Daehan) left after knocking someone down, which added to his already growing anxieties. This ties in with gossip from Joong-do’s office, where people discuss how “a mistake by their family” could end a politician’s career, and claim the deputy is “lucky” to have his woman no problem.

Afterwards, Hye-joo is interrupted in her navigation of the Daehan Party controversies by a call from Seung-hee, who asks the curator to confirm that she will be going to Youngsan. Meanwhile, Joong-do discovers that Gwi-soon is cleaning up his campaign building in an act centered on his gratitude to the politician for bringing Seung-kyu to his idea of ​​justice. By the way, it’s revealed here that the med student actually uploaded the revenge p**n before his suicide (unbeknownst to Gwi-soon thanks to case closure, thankfully), and the assembly personally appointed a specialist to remove it from the Internet.

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Arriving at Youngsan, Hye-joo immediately thinks back to her past with Seung-ho. It’s painful, especially since it turns out that Seung-hee’s brother assaulted the curator when she rejected his romantic advances, and it was then hopelessly covered up by Yoo-shin, who promised the underprivileged student a scholarship to Gyeongji University in return. for his silence.

The ending explained

Staying in the flashback, we see that Hye-joo was upset that she had to accept this offer, given that it meant her poverty was being exploited. Although this is incomparable to the pain she had to face when she was greeted by Seung-ho on her doorstep, where he called her a “pathetic orphan” and asserted that she shouldn’t be fooled into thinking he really loved her. Thus, Hye-joo decided to tell the police about her attacker, with the final motivation for this being the celebratory banner erected for Seung-ho’s acceptance into Seoul National University as a law student.

Continuing, this police statement drove Seung-ho to suicide, which resulted in Yoo-shin and Seung-hee casting Hye-joo as a murderer. “I never thought I would come back,” the restaurateur says of Youngsan in the present, before getting out of the car to meet her tormentor. However, when Hye-joo arrives at her destination, she not only sees Seung-hee, but also Joong-do and Ki-young, shockingly ending the episode.

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The post Trolley Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – why is Hye-joo called a murderer? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.