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Trolley season 1 episode 13 recap – why does Soo-bin think Ji-hoon was killed?

February 7, 2023

The post Trolley Season 1 Episode 13 Recap – why does Soo-bin think Ji-hoon was killed? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama Trolley Season 1 Episode 13 series, “Infidelity,” which contains spoilers.

Complete with reveals, twists and everything in between, this episode of Cart was as good as the show gets. It contained everything that made the series so gripping in the first place and began to paint a clearer picture of where each character stood before the final three episodes. If the following can maintain that quality, we’re going to expect a real treat from the finish.

Trolley season 1 episode 13 recap

Namgoong Sol and Seung-hee’s law go public

full of doubt, Hye-joo challenges Joong-dodesperate to know if he met Ji-hoon the night he died, or if he’s having an affair. The member, dumbfounded and upset, simply responds by saying that he cannot say where he was. In the meantime, Woo Jae hears aides discuss public support for ‘Namgoong Sol’s law’ proposal, but also listens Ja-young expressing fear that Joong-do would publicly reprimand the late Ji-hoon for his actions.

Suddenly everything stops, as it is revealed Seung-hee article on the “framing” of Hye-joo Seung-ho is gaining ground online. But in the hospital Yoosin seems anything but convinced that her “agony and sorrow” will soon be over.

Continuing, although a shaken Hye-joo has been told that her past will now be left to the “court of public opinion”, she still wants more time to consider going on TV to tell her side of the story. history. This, and the book restorer refuses to trust her husband, shocked that he apparently would rather have her believe he might be an adulterer than reveal the truth about his whereabouts the night Ji-hoon died.

During a meal, soon-hong ensures Jin Seok it will allow “at least ten” of the Daehan Party’s pending welfare bills to pass the deliberation process. In exchange, however, he will need total opposition to “Namgoong Sol’s Law”. Elsewhere, Hye-joo decides she will sleep by Yeo-jin room for the night, away from her husband.

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As Joong-do wonders what his response will be to Seung-hee’s online post, which he is told will soon be picked up by the media and is “undermining” support for “Namgoong Sol’s Law ”, Hye-joo flees her house to avoid wondering if she “drove” a student to his death by framing him. Simultaneously, Seung-hee ends up inadvertently discovering that his mother had confronted Ki-young when he was talking with Hye-joo in Seoul.

what is the truth?

After making sure that Yeo-jin and Yoon Seo don’t go straight home, Hye-joo calls Woo-jae, asking him to fix the situation outside his house. But it’s not a pleasant conversation for the book restorer, as not only is she being asked about the Seung-ho case in a rather accusatory manner, but another TV appearance request is made. Back at the hospital, Ki-young fails to convince Yoo-sin to come clean to her daughter, with the eldest ensuring that her late son will never be allowed to be branded a “sex offender.”

Shockingly, Ki-young tries to tell Seung-hee of his mother’s “cheating” regarding Seung-ho’s fake innocence, only for his wife to get petty. She wonders if romantic feelings are involved, then firmly believes Yoo-sin’s words that the car accident was born out of her husband’s “conspiracy” with Hye-joo. Elsewhere, Joong-do asks disgruntled party members to help him win over the public again, in the name of “Namgoong Sol’s law.”

When Yoon-seo expresses doubts towards her mother, wondering if she really framed Seung-ho out of concern for financial gain, Hye-joo sends her daughter away and breaks down. Then, once dialed, the book curator phones Joong-do, now wanting to appear on TV “as soon as possible.” The Assemblyman tells Woo-jae about it, but asks for a slight delay, because “no one cares about a guy putting out a small fire.” Essentially, this means Joong-do wants to take a risk, making the TV appearance when it can have more impact, and potentially when Seung-hee’s story has garnered more attention.

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As Ki-young agrees to testify about Yoo-sin’s illegal land speculation in Joong-do, Ji-soo tells Hye-joo Soo Bin, in addition to the fact that the child never belonged to Ji-hoon, to begin with. “I don’t think she was sexually assaulted either,” adds the doctor, recalling how the youngster had given her this precise information when she was a patient.

Soo-bin’s life becomes clearer

During a reunion with her sleazy ex, Soo-bin defends Hye-joo, bluntly stating that she “really was sexually assaulted,” but the girl soon has bigger issues to deal with. She finds out that her ex-partner found a medical document confirming her pregnancy, then sent it Ye-eun at the clinic, posing as Soo-bin, to double-check everything. Following this, the sleazy ex wonders why Soo-bin “framed Ji-hoon for rape,” before threatening to send the troubled girl to jail, given that he had used her bank account for sex trafficking. methamphetamine. If she wants to stay out of trouble, an errand must be run.

As Jin-seok calls Soon-hong, ready to respond to her proposal, Hye-joo shares her relief about Soo-bin with Yeo-jin. However, the book restorer wonders who Joong-do might have met on the night of Ji-hoon’s death, knowing that her husband could potentially be lying. “I can’t trust anyone right now,” Hye-joo exclaims, though she backtracks upon realizing she still has Yeo-jin. As an aside, the restorer seems to be hiding something here, and not just his impending move.

Amid her confusion as to why Ji-hoon allegedly stole meth from her ex the day he died, the youngster gets into a car with Woo-jae to talk. During this chat, the counselor makes a proposal. If Soo-bin can cooperate with Joong-do and co. (not Hye-joo), they can protect her from ‘JD’. Elsewhere, the book restorer urges her husband for answers, saying “it’s living hell” that he’s hiding something from her.

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Suddenly, Joong-do admits that he quietly met Ji-hoon the dice he died from, to scold him for having drunkenness. He had hidden it so that Hye-joo wouldn’t worry about his son’s behavior, then later kept the truth because of the guilt he felt knowing his son died as a result of the confrontation. “I was in so much pain that I didn’t want to tell anyone. Especially not you, ”says the deputy, sorry, although clearly hurt. Fortunately, Hye-joo forgives and comforts her husband.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 13 Ending Explained

Sneaking outside to tend to his studio’s dehumidifier, Hye-joo comes across Soo-bin waiting for him, who tells him that Joong-do is having an affair with Yeo-jin. The girl then expands by explaining that she and Ji-hoon had witnessed “everything” between the cheating duo in their home the day her partner died and tried to use it against the deputy. This, and Soo-bin suddenly states that Joong-do could have killed his son.

Hye-joo is stunned, but Soo-bin is unwavering in her beliefs, convinced that Ji-hoon really could have died confronting her father about his infidelity. Then, with that information in mind, the episode ends with a shot of Joong-do standing across from Yeo-jin.

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The post Trolley Season 1 Episode 13 Recap – why does Soo-bin think Ji-hoon was killed? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.