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Trolley season 1 episode 10 recap – what happens when Hye-joo’s story breaks?

January 18, 2023

Trolley season 1 episode 10 recap – what happens when Hye-joo’s story breaks? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama Trolley Season 1 Episode 10 series, which contains spoilers.

With a massively punchy finish, Cart episode 10 did a great job of building it in its heyday. There aren’t many questions left, unlike other episodes, but see what happens as Hye-joo (Kim Hyun-joo) tries to navigate the media minefield that promises to be exciting, especially when it could create divisions between her and Joong-do (Park Hee soon).

Trolley season 1 episode 10 recap

At the mill, Joong-do and Woo Jae are invited to have breakfast with Gwi-soon. The eldest softened her animosity towards the MP, actively saying she is happy to be used in exchange for the law being changed to help victims of sexual assault get justice, even if the attackers die. Later, Joong-do’s assistants replied that the criticism of Seung-kyu is “rising online,” but it’s “not enough to eclipse news about Namgoong Sol’s story as a sex worker.” Thus, another similar criminal case to help the passage of the amendment proposed by the politician will have to be found.

When Woo-jae starts suggesting that Joong-do already has something he can use, soon-hong arrives abruptly, interrupting the meeting. Somewhere else, Yeo-jin emotionally confronts his former partner on the outside Chae-eun’s memorial, the restorer saying to him: “You too must die. You killed your own child. Luckily, Hye-joo is there to protect the friend she calls family from an answer, dismissing Chae-eun’s father to avoid further confrontation.

As Soon-hong smugly suggests making a deal with Joong-do Yoosin’s land speculation issues and Hye-joo’s protected past, Yeo-jin reflects on the kindness her longtime friend has always shown her. In parallel, Soo Bin walks to the restaurant run by the people she ran away from, thinking of the money she must somehow find to redeem her phone.

However, Soo-bin only encounters Yeong-seon, which tells the youngster about Yeo-jin’s tragic life, detailing how her child was killed by her husband, and then how he moved on to targeting the restaurant owner herself. Meanwhile, Hye-joo tells her distressed friend not to apologize for anything and to “stay by my side for a long time.”

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At his restaurant, Yeo-jin pays Soo-bin two million won without hesitation, perhaps just wanting troubled youths out of his life. Somewhere else, Yoon Seo swears her friend to secrecy regarding the pregnant guest’s departure from her family, before facing backlash from her fellow students for how Joong-do essentially “defended prostitution” by highlighting the Namgoong Sol suicide case. Incidentally, Yoon-seo’s insistence that “adultery is worse” than illegal sex work may hurt the ally she confided in about her own private life.

As she leaves, Soo-bin gives Yeo-jin a few messages. First of all, the girl wonders if the seaweed soup she received was to “close her eyes” to what the restaurateur did. Afterwards, Soo-bin reveals that Yeong-seon is pocketing money for herself when Yeo-jin is away. Simultaneously, Hye-joo learns that Gwi-soon is now ready for “anything” if it means Joong-do can pass his proposed amendment that would see people like Seung-kyu posthumously punished.

After Seung-hee pleads her innocence to Seung-kyu’s family, explaining that she originally intended to post something about Namgoong Sol, but refrained upon realizing it would backfire on their son, she prepares to visit to Hye-joo. Ki-young isn’t happy with this plan – he’s already having a hard time trusting his wife anyway, and seems upset that she wants to continue toying with the book restorer’s life – so lets slip that he and Seung- hee should move to australia. “I am sorry. I can’t leave my mom here alone,” is the straight answer.

Afterwards, Hye-joo nervously encounters the man in possession of Soo-bin’s phone, who claims to be Ji-hoon’s friend. It’s a weird encounter, mostly centering on how the former guest of the book restorer’s house has “sticky fingers” and isn’t a good person, as well as how “out of order” she is. Grid”. That, and the sleazy man wanted to be subtly confirmed that Soo-bin’s pregnancy was caused by Ji-hoon.

As Yeo-jin prepares to sell her restaurant and move “away” from where she currently is, Woo-jae warns Joong-do that Soo-bin might come back to blackmail him for money by using her pregnancy. The counselor, however, is willing to “package” any leak of Ji-hoon’s child as a “heartwarming story.” “So there’s nothing to worry about unless something else comes out,” adds Woo-jae, panicking Joong-do, who initially doesn’t see his right arm referencing drug use. of his late son.

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Suddenly, Joong-do is interrupted by a call from Ki-young. But it’s not negative, as Seung-hee’s husband decided to part with the evidence of Yoo-sin and Soon-hong’s land speculation. Putting things together, it could allow Ki-young to fulfill his wish to move to Australia alongside his wife.

As Joong-do reunites with Soon-hong in his car, seemingly proposing a new deal that involves Youngsan’s Mr. Park, Soo-bin makes arrangements to retrieve her phone from her sleazy acquaintance. In this scene we see this unnamed man appear to be extremely jealous that Ji-hoon got Soo-bin pregnant.

Afterwards, Joong-do warns his wife against meeting Ji-hoon’s other friends and asks her to “forget” Soo-bin, who he says has always supplied his son with drugs and is responsible for his death. Hye-joo respects what her husband says, but makes sure she adds that she hopes the troubled youngster never sees the unsent text meant for him. “I don’t want her to live her life thinking that (Ji-hoon’s suicide) was her fault, like I did,” the book conservator says.

Continuing, Joong-do confesses to his wife that Soon-hong knows his identity. Thus, the deputy suggests that they report Hye-joo’s story first, not believing that the evidence provided by Ki-young is not part of a scheme. “You don’t know how painful it is to be blamed for someone’s death,” the book conservator tells her husband, not wanting to “get ahead” of publicizing her story. Nevertheless, Hye-joo hesitates when Joong-do tells him that he can relate, given that Seong-kyu’s death has been pinned on him somewhat, and that it might help the passage of the proposed amendment. by the deputy.

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During a visit to Yeo-jin’s restaurant, Hye-joo runs into Woo-jae. So the three all start talking together, first about how the former reporter played a big role in exposing the story of Chae-eun’s death, then about how much trust he has in Joong. -do. This, Woo-jae explains, was born out of the two sharing “the same view of the world,” which ultimately led to their family bond.

With Hye-joo outside, Yeo-jin openly confronts Woo-jae, believing he came to tell her something. However, the counselor claims with a smile that he is merely at the restaurant for the anniversary of Chae-eun’s death. Elsewhere, Joong-seo warmly tells Yoon-seo not to worry about Soo-bin telling everyone about her pregnancy.

As Soo-bin changes clothes, staring in slight disgust at her “JD” tattoo, Yoon-seo reflects on the resentment she had towards Ji-hoon when he died. Meanwhile, Hye-joo asks Yeo-jin for advice and learns that she should trust Joong-do to share her story. But the book restorer worries about other things too, like how Yoo-sin’s family might still suffer, and whether it will be worth it if the assembly’s proposed amendment passes. Eventually, however, Hye-joo is shown to decide that Joong-do can go public with the affair involving her and Seung-ho, as long as she doesn’t have to appear publicly.

The ending explained

After Joong-do emotionally embraces his wife, apologizing for what he put her through, and asking for her confidence in how he will protect her, we cut to the next day. Here, an overwhelmed Hye-joo is overwhelmed by the media, all of whom want to know if she killed someone 20 years ago. Then, with the panicked book restorer replaying Joong-do’s promise of protection in her head, the episode ends.

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Trolley season 1 episode 10 recap – what happens when Hye-joo’s story breaks? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.