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Too Hot To Handle: Brazil season 2 recap – more moving than the previous season

September 29, 2022

This review of the Netflix reality series Too Hot To Handle: Brazil Season 2 contains no spoilers.

In Too hot to handle: Brazil season 2, hot young Brazilians meet at a dream resort. But for a chance to win R$500,000 in this fun reality show, they’ll have to give up sex. The first season of this reality show was slightly better because the concept was new. Even the American version was a bit more dramatic.

The second season has more twists but this one, for some reason, was more emotional than the previous one. It was like these people really couldn’t control their libido for a chance to make money. When you put hot singles who are cocky and think they’re the hottest thing on the planet in a room, it becomes a playground for them.

The way the first episode is set up really affects the whole run of the show. During the first half, these singles can bond with other people on the island and maybe even hook up with them. They are so hungry for “fresh meat” that they have fun in an instant. Then, once they’re comfortable with the person they ultimately choose, the producers cut them out.

So to make that sexual connection with someone and not be able to pursue it drives them all crazy. It’s fun to watch if you’re outside watching.

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This season had more tears because the stakes were so high with the money. They did not realize that certain acts would cost so much and frustration gripped so many of them. For some, it wasn’t just about money, but it was also about losing trust in the rest of the group or certain people they were connected with.

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