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Tomorrow season 1, recap of episode 13 – “Spring”

May 14, 2022

This recap of Tomorrow season 1, episode 13, “Spring,” contains spoilers.

Memories are complicated and fragile things. Sometimes we cling to them, and sometimes we try to bury them, but either way they are ours; not always clear and accessible, but there, informing who we are and what we believe. So imagine they were locked away, inaccessible only to someone else. And then imagine someone else having the same locks on their own memories, implying that the two are inexorably linked. It’s the predicament that Joong-gil and Ryeon find themselves in, but this long-term stuff quickly falls into the fringes of a new case introduced in “Spring.”

Tomorrow season 1, episode 13 recap

The case concerns a 91-year-old woman named Bok-hui, whose illness is intimately linked to a woman named Yun-i who she grew up with. Due to financial disputes, Bok-hui pushed her friend into a factory job in Japan, but the Japanese occupation of Korea led to her internment and eventual role as a prostitute alongside Jeong-mun, who is escorted by new recruit Bo-yun, who has her own admiration for Joong-gil that also stems from the occupation.

Colonial occupation is pretty fertile territory for harrowing stories, and “Spring” lets the brutality of the time do a lot of the heavy lifting. Against this backdrop, the episode spins a moving thread about togetherness, as we see Jeong-mun’s portrayal of Yun-I as an almost angelic ray of hope in the dark. She dissuaded Jeong-mun from committing suicide. She retained her positivity even with a broken arm and gave the other girls time to escape, even at great physical cost to herself.

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But Jeong-mun escaped in ruins; his parents having fallen ill and died in his absence. She drifted into isolation and obsession with Japanese excuses that never came. But she is able to ease Bok-hui’s guilt and convince her that if Yun-i was there, she would be proud of her. The twist in “Spring” is that Bo-yun is actually Yun-I, having been escorted by Joong-gil long ago and become a Reaper just to reunite with his old friends.

It’s an obviously touching resolution, made worse by the reveal of Jun-woong’s previous incarnation being one of the Japanese rebels who helped the girls escape; although he can’t remember his own past, he is determined not to allow the world to forget what women have been through. It’s a nice way to tie some of the show’s lore into the real-life story, and it’s a poignant note to end one of the best episodes of the season.

You can stream Tomorrow season 1, episode 13, “Spring,” exclusively on Netflix.

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