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TikTok star Johnny Berchtold makes his Netflix debut opposite Brat Pack icon Rob Lowe

January 15, 2023

As Johnny Berchtold stars opposite Rob Lowe in Dog Gone, we take a look at the age at which the American actor entered his profession.

Dog Gone, based on a true story about a family’s search for their beloved dog Gonker, was released on Netflix on January 13, 2023.

Johnny Berchtold stars as Fielding Marshall in the heartbreaking drama, John Marshall’s Son of Lowe. The father-son duo set out on the Appalachian Trail in search of Gonker, while mending their own strained relationship.

With Berchtold standing up to veteran actor Rob Lowe, 58, you might be curious about the young actor’s age. We’ll take a look.

Rob Lowe and Johnny Berchtold stand in the woods wearing backpacks in Netflix's Dog Gonecr. Bob Mahoney/Netflix © 2022.

How old is Johnny Berchtold?

Johnny Berchtold was born on July 7, 1994 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This means that the American actor is currently 28 years old.

Berchtold is the son of John Berchtold and Kathleen Yacobacci. He has an older sister by his mother, named Tera Yacobacci, as well as a younger sister named Kristine Berchtold.

Berchtold was born in Atlantic City but spent his teenage years in the small town of Mays Landing. He then moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attend the University of the Arts.

In 2014, when Johnny Berchtold was in his mid-twenties, he transferred to Columbia College Hollywood to pursue his acting and directing ambitions.

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Johnny Berchtold made his acting debut at 21

The year after moving to Los Angeles, Johnny Berchtold made his screen debut. According to his IMDb profile, Berchtold made his first credited appearance in a short film titled Jogger. A year later, Berchtold would appear in Flesh & Blood by David Alvarez.

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Over the following years, Berchtold would have roles in a number of television shows and short films such as Discovery’s True Nightmares (2016), Manhunt: Unabomber (2017), and Murder Among Friends (2017).

Berchtold shot to fame after his TikTok videos started going viral, although he worked in the entertainment industry before becoming an internet star.

Johnny went by a different name until 2020

In 2020, Johnny Berchtold made a guest appearance as Quinn on Amazon Prime’s The Wilds. It was the first project he went to by ‘Johnny Berchtold’.

For the previous 17 projects in which Berchtold is credited with appearing, he was called “John Berchtold”.

Some of the credits under which Berchtold went through ‘Johnny’ include The Wilds, Gaslit (2022) and Now Dog Gone (2023).


Johnny Berchtold’s role in Dog Gone explored

Without giving too many details, in Dog Gone, Johnny Berchtold embodies the student Fielding Marshall.

Fielding is about to graduate, but a bad breakup sends him spiraling. He gets a dog from the local pound, Gonker, to help him heal. Despite his father’s (Rob Lowe) initial hesitation, the whole family ends up loving Gonker.

Berchtold said “making this movie was a blast” and that he “loved” the dog playing Gonker.

You can watch Dog Gone on Netflix now.

Johnny Berchtold sits next to Gonker the dog on a sofa in the middle of a wood in Dog Gonecr. Bob Mahoney/Netflix © 2022.

TikTok star Johnny Berchtold makes his Netflix debut opposite Brat Pack icon Rob Lowe, who first appeared on Juicee News.