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This Fool season 1, episode 9 recap – “F*ck the Rich”

August 14, 2022

This recap of the Hulu series This Fool season 1, episode 9, “F*ck the Rich,” contains spoilers.

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Executive producer Fred Armisen makes an appearance in This crazy guy penultimate installment. The Hugs Not Thugs program is strapped for funds and desperate for a major investment from a wealthy donor. Enter Fred Armisen as the vile billionaire Richard Rowell, whom Minister Payne absolutely hates. Will they receive their donation or will someone mess things up before the wealthy snobs sign on the dotted line?

This crazy guy summary of season 1, episode 9

The ninth episode opens with Luis and Julio carrying trays of cupcakes to the van. Luis is in good spirits as he is soon to graduate from the program and Julio admits he will miss his cousin when he leaves. They open the van to find Minister Payne naked in the back. He has been sleeping in the van since he was expelled and confesses to Julio that the association is short of funds, with a serious cash flow problem. Minister Payne has a pure hatred for the wealthy and refuses to ask for charitable donations. Julio decides to intervene and make it his duty.

At Maggie’s, the couple searches together for their perfect apartment. Julio complains about financial problems at work and the fact that he won’t be able to afford a house for the two of them. Maggie sees Richard Rowell on the news, bragging about his business empire and inherited wealth. Julio decides on the spot to acquire a gift from these billionaires. It’s that simple.

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Julio tells Minister Payne about his plans, with the lead actor reverting to his old cocky ways. The man is back on his high horse and telling Minister Payne he will do whatever it takes to save this place. Luis beats boxes in the background as he updates his resume. The show has a real ear for finding the best ways to grate its audience and Luis is perhaps the king of it. Julio manages to book a tour with the Rowells and he tells Minister Payne to dress up for the occasion.

On the day of Rowell and Julio’s tour gives a pep talk. They desperately need that investment and he begs for the team to work together to deliver their best performance. Minister Payne is visibly pessimistic about the whole situation and slowly slumps into the corner. The billionaire couple arrive by helicopter and are joined by photographers capturing their every move. The Rowells are condescending and demeaning, but smile ear to ear at criminals. Luis is beaming, desperate for his own payment and helping show the couple around. Criminals read scripts, pointing out how poor they are and how helpful donations would be.

The end

The Rowells tour the facility and attend a group therapy session. Minister Payne is pressured to deal with Richard’s own trauma and tells him that he too is a victim. Richard starts pretending to cry, and then there’s a chance for another photo op. Payne is clearly ready to crack and that’s exactly what he’s doing at the table. He calls them and insults the donors. Then the lights go out and Luis decides to serenade them with his beat boxing prowess. Payne apologizes and the Rowells admit they appreciated the abuse. Minister Payne says he would do anything for this program and he is about to find out what that “anything” might entail.

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Money is finally discussed, and the Rowells offer to donate fifteen million dollars to the nonprofit. The team is amazed by this generosity and thanks the wealthy couple. Although there is obviously a caveat on the horizon. The billionaires announce their only condition, in exchange for the money they want to have sex with one of the team members. They explain the setup and Richard chooses his victim – Minister Leonard Payne. Julio tells his boss he doesn’t have to, but Payne has already made up his mind he will make one for the team. It’s a dark, twisted finale that’s laughable and just about succeeds.

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